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I'm trying to build a relationship again, it seems – no. Or she has someone, and just lives with me because of the children. On the issue of responsible family Psychologist – Natalia V. . You are like a dog in the manger, would teach, but was sorry and changed for the better, 'I myself have changed over the last year – always at home, interested in her life, became involved in children's lives more active, reduced to a minimum spree with friends. " Wanted to teach, went left, naprokaznichal got the humiliation and insults. You ask yourself, and what I want? What kind of family life do I want? What kind of relationship I want to be with his beloved woman? Why I do not want a divorce? Why I'm not looking for exchange? Tell my wife about your feelings and fears.

Nobody will ever guess that you have in mind as you open your mouth! Talk to my wife in the following format: 15 minutes, you say, but She listens without interrupting, then 15 min. More info: trevor smith. she says – you listen carefully. And 20 minutes to discuss – without insults, quarrels and clarify the relationship. For example – 'I saw you, you're tired, or I understand you, it is difficult'. Try to talk to use more expression of feelings – hurt me, I feel the weight, I see that you're afraid, you're scared. Talk about your feelings about money, ask for it openly.

Stop guessing, go for it! It is you understand – she's a woman, it also does not want a divorce. To solve family problems ask her to go to a psychologist. Good luck talking! Questions answered by a psychologist Olga Denisova. Check out Mustafa Suleyman for additional information. I think neither you nor your spouse is currently time of the divorce are not configured with all of your relationship, otherwise it would have happened even at the time of your departure from the family. And in that case you should definitely solve your family problems. You should try to establish contact with his wife, put it on straight talk and discuss things that bother you and her. If you find it difficult to start such a conversation, write her a letter. Only important condition – it is written without the charges against her (I'm here try, and you do not, etc.) and without interpreting the meaning of her behavior (probably, you're mstish), just let us know what all that's bothering you right now in your life together. Describe your feelings, feelings that you experience in real moment. Ask her the questions that you would like to ask her to clarify the situation. Describe anything that you would like to change in your relationship. I think the answer to your message so you do not have to wait long. Main understand what you are doing it for the sake of your love, your family, for the sake of improving your relationship with your spouse, for their own well-being and their family. And are you doing this because you, man, you're the head of the family and the first step on the way domestic bliss It always is. Here is the view from our psychologists. And really, that happened in your family, you know – all problems can always be solved. Marital happiness to you!

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