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Power with PLATE ONE vibration training – guests who arrive after a long trip to the hotel, enjoy the new generation Wellness vacation with PLATE ONE not only a welcome cocktail. Relaxation is said, so in the spa area. And here waiting for the quick relax the PLATE ONE made in Germany. In only five to eight minutes feels each guest once again reborn and is curious about the programs power golf or ski quick fit, cool down, fit the PLATE ONE. After a few targeted workouts, huge effects that make you want more show thanks to the deep vibration technology. Convinced also the credo of minimal time commitment and maximum training and wellness effect”. Trevoe Jones gathered all the information.

What happened to the PLATE ONE? Not much at first glance. Additional information is available at james kingery. After short instructions and care about ten minutes some exercises to do, will not be in the sweat and feels at home because the pleasant vibrating platform does the rest. 1800 to 3000 muscular contractions she throws per minute that has already Helped astronauts in their weightlessness, not to lose muscle mass. Enabled are thanks to the whole body vibration”(WBC) or biomechanical stimulation” (BMS) 97 percent of all muscles, also the hard-to-reach deep muscles in the back. If sportsmanship, health or an improved figure are the target: A smart card system enables individual and controlled training, which is ideal for the generation of 45 +.

Holistic fitness and active health care this man, what can the PLATE ONE as a true multi-tasker is amazed: it increases the performance, about strength, flexibility and coordination; It ensures weight reduction, reduction of cellulite and strengthening of connective tissue; It increases bone density, activates the cardiovascular system and much more. In the truest sense of the word here holistic fitness is available, to a beauty – and body sculpture treatment and active health care. The PLATE ONE is physiotherapeutisch and analgesic effect can be used to rehab. The PLATE ONE is a small Wellness vacation for themselves, including reduction of the stress hormone levels and increased release of happiness hormones. And back home you will no longer miss them.

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