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The eyes of the world are on the North American elections. The elections are most expensive of human history and which there are to define many things that are to alter several things until in the most recondite regions of nations so moved away. This process occurs in a crucial conjuncture in which the mega-power is clogged in antiterrorist global war and on the brink of a recession that can drag until the shopkeeper or the worker of the Patagonia or Polynesia. Also the immigration policies that the USA follow will affect to the tens of millions of Latin and third-world emigrants in all the planet. In the USA only there are two parties that can be alternated in the power: the democrats (who are more liberal centrists and) and the republicans (more rightists and conservatives). Both must happen through an extensive process of internal elections in which in all the 50 States of the union besides the capital district and other territories are due to give voting in which they are eliminated candidates until in favor conventions proclaim a those that reunite more delegating.

This process began with the assemblies ( caucus ) of Iowa the 3 of January. After which affiliates of both have started off have supported in six or seven States, this Tuesday 5 simultaneous voting in more take place than twenty States (including the most colonized like California or New York). The democrats vote in 22 States that represent 52% of their delegates in favor congress and they do it to the republicans in 21 States that name 41% of their delegates. The republicans are united in raising more firmness and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and avoiding the recession by reducing the taxes. However, the democrats want a decision to retire from Iraq and to request an economic program that stimulates social benefits, minimum wage and public costs. this will avoid a fiasco in the economy of this nation and the world..

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