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\”\” \”Tempelhof Airport: new petition launched Action Alliance was founded in early 2008 and consists of the individual initiatives Pro Temple Court, Tempelhof to be world heritage\” and the initiative SPD voters for the Tempelhof airport! \” Some individuals were added to the date of incorporation. The Action Alliance at this stage has grown to quite a few supporters, who want to and can not reconcile with the closure. In the discussion of Tempelhof, the decision was taken to build political pressure with a referendum on the Senate, but to identify a durable solution. Due to the recent media reports, we would explicitly clarify that the petition referendum is no remake of ICAT and not with the aim of a traffic airport. When the petition concerns the authentic preservation of historical monument of Tempelhof and the appointment to the world cultural heritage. To create an economic base, the use should focus on one Focus function as Government, rescue and alternate airport. This eliminates any conceivable risk of BBI.

A risk which in addition at all does not exist, if one actually reads through the authoritative judgment of the Handelshof. There is no viable to use concepts on the part of the Senate until today, although the Senate before the referendum were other pronouncements about, so statements of Mrs. Senator Junge-Reyer show among other things very clearly, that the Senate in the past, present or future has a reasonable and serious approach to the airport. Flat and build\”is no solution. \”We have a concept: the historical monument received Tempelhof airport and protect as a living cultural heritage\”. Tempelhof was the first commercial airport in the world and its architecture is still a role model. As the statue of liberty for Germany\”(as raisin bomber pilot Gail Halvorsen) Tempelhof stands for a turning point in the history of Germany and Europe.

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