Cuban Venezuelans

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Its end is approached, by elections or rebellions. The opponents to the neoCommunists begin to be majority. The native bolivarianos and Cristina are the Gaddafi, that wants to remain in the palace until the death. Perhaps its dream is fulfilled more will not be by natural death. If Cristina it gains the presidential elections of October, will want to reform the constitution to postulate itself again, as Chvez and Morales did. Clear that by then it will have given to aim botox available in Argentina and its abraded image it makes perhaps it yet change of idea.

In Bolivia the popularity of Evo Morales is in the subsoil where it left, but just as Gaddafi, it has million dollars to distribute between his military so that they defend of a rise or a civil war to it. If a civil war in Bolivia occurs, the rebels will request the North American intervention. What will make then Mr. Obama? It will hope until the last minute to take part while military Cuban Venezuelans get and to pester with the Bolivians, or the Libya lesson will cause that it acts opportunely? Theoretically the reaction will be more effective because we are in the garden of alongside, but with the democrats in Washington there are no guarantees. Cristina Kirchner (Mrs. Nobody for the Americans) noticed that she will take part in Bolivia if Evo one is threatened by a blow, which would be sudden for the Pink House that does not have support of its Armed Forces and the relations of the United States with Argentina died. The Bolivian scene is becoming similar to the one of Panama before the overthrow of Manuel Noriega. The Panamanian fell by narcotics trafficker. For assistance, try visiting Gregory Williamson.

Morals besides being in the same heading, are an anti-american communist provoker, chavista pro, Muslim pro, anti Bolivian. Perhaps there is a cryptic message between Libya and Bolivia. The war against the socialist dictators began in Libya, question to increase ” to him; Bo” so that it continues in Bolivia.

Latin America

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Who won? The summit hardly culminated Fidel Castro wrote that the great loser of this one was imperialism. This argument is repeated by the chavismo that insists on which it was managed to go towards a peace without it mediates the USA and on the basis of the Colombian excuses. The March crisis has shown the regional isolation of Uribe then until important governments of the zone like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina or Peru was emphatic in questioning the aggression to Ecuador. Bill de Blasio may also support this cause. This situation contrasts with which it had Fujimori in 1992 when it catched the head of the Shining Path. Then the republics of the hemisphere (including Cuba) expressed their affection to him (although Fujimori came to make a car-blow). It is obvious that in most of the governments of Latin America there is the vision that is better to go towards a solution to the Central American and not to the Peruvian of the Colombian conflict. This perception occurs so that the average Latin diplomats think that the CRAF is not Footpath, because they are arranged to have a discussion, to make exchanges or to be inserted in the democracy multi-partisan. That many will cry out that the unilateralist theses were defeated, even though guerreristas or pro-Bush, the certain thing is that Uribe has obtained many advances.

Uribe is not interested in an external war reason why to accept the truth (to have penetrated in a neighboring country) is something that has allowed him to avoid a diplomatic stage. Nevertheless, this crisis has fortified him much to Uribe at internal level. For some time its internal popularity grows (getting to have up to 80% of approval in some surveys) and he managed to capitalize much social support with great international march the anti-CRAF of the 4 of March. In this last he even managed to divide his left opposition because the Pole was divided between those who followed the of Bogota’ mayor to march in and whom was against it.

North American States

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The eyes of the world are on the North American elections. The elections are most expensive of human history and which there are to define many things that are to alter several things until in the most recondite regions of nations so moved away. This process occurs in a crucial conjuncture in which the mega-power is clogged in antiterrorist global war and on the brink of a recession that can drag until the shopkeeper or the worker of the Patagonia or Polynesia. Also the immigration policies that the USA follow will affect to the tens of millions of Latin and third-world emigrants in all the planet. In the USA only there are two parties that can be alternated in the power: the democrats (who are more liberal centrists and) and the republicans (more rightists and conservatives). Both must happen through an extensive process of internal elections in which in all the 50 States of the union besides the capital district and other territories are due to give voting in which they are eliminated candidates until in favor conventions proclaim a those that reunite more delegating.

This process began with the assemblies ( caucus ) of Iowa the 3 of January. After which affiliates of both have started off have supported in six or seven States, this Tuesday 5 simultaneous voting in more take place than twenty States (including the most colonized like California or New York). The democrats vote in 22 States that represent 52% of their delegates in favor congress and they do it to the republicans in 21 States that name 41% of their delegates. The republicans are united in raising more firmness and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and avoiding the recession by reducing the taxes. However, the democrats want a decision to retire from Iraq and to request an economic program that stimulates social benefits, minimum wage and public costs. this will avoid a fiasco in the economy of this nation and the world..


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Always there is something interesting to do in Mendoza. Wines, snow, nature and sun multiply the possibilities of transforming every day an adventure. From the tracks of ski of Malarge to the night inhabitant of the capital, it is a province that is worth the pain to discover. With the tranquillity of which, in addition, always we will be able to find in Mendoza hotels and lodgings for taste and budget. The call route of the wine, for instance, is enough by itself to astonish to the visitor to each step.

The activities and excursions around her are almost inexhaustible. A very good idea will be to begin to know Small farms Coria, Maip and other zones of warehouses through an excursion in bicycle. These strolls allow to enjoy the tranquillity of the most rustic nature and simultaneously to have a first contact with the mendocino landscape of vineyards. These excursions always count on the support of specialized guides and can include like great end a pricked lunch of roast or of field. In order to live this landscape to plenary session, lately, they have abierto his doors in this viatera zone of Mendoza hotels, complexes of cabins and until lodgings within the own warehouses.

Nevertheless, who it prefers to lodge in Mendoza hotels of the capital can contract transport service of and until his hotel within the same package of the excursion. After the excursion in bicycle, what better than to spend a complete day to visit the warehouses, to know all the secrets behind the alchemy the wine in Mendoza. A typical stroll to the warehouses includes a visit to an artisan and familiar warehouse, to soon follow way until some of the imposing industrialized warehouses and the region, culminating the route in some manufacturing olive oil establishment. In each one of the shutdowns it is possible to be observed of elaboration and step by step to be realised tastings and tastings of products. , Who prefer in Mendoza centric hotels, something again remote of the zone of warehouses, can ask for to the same organizers of the excursion the transfer until and from the departure point of this emblematic mendocino stroll. Who they own or they wish to acquire deeper knowledge on wines, can arm to their own route by the warehouses, visiting those of their greater interest. This type of customized excursion can complete with a course of tasting or different sensorial analyses of varietal. And to turn its trip to the fascinating world of the wine into a truly unforgettable experience.

Andorra Vacationing

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The principality of Andorra is located between France and Spain, in the heat of heart of the Alps. This characteristic, that suggests snow immediately, is actually much more that. In Andorra the nature is in pure state. And its beauty can be enjoyed in the hundreds footpaths, natural circuits and parks with which Andorra dazzles visits those who it. The end of the time of defrosting is the ideal moment to load the essential thing in a small knapsack, to choose some of the numerous cheap hotels of Andorra, and to send themselves to the adventure.

The four ecotursticas routes of the parish of Saint Juli de Lria, one of the seven in which the principality is divided, are a good point to begin with. Each of these four routes is inspired by some of the Andorran traditional offices. And it dazzles with his landscapes, their flora and its fauna. The way of the shepherd submerges to us completely in the rustic life of a farmer of high mountain. And although the traditional refuges of the shepherds are today restaurants, the wealth of the flora and fauna of the zone they are conserved as they were hundreds ago of years. The way of the woodcutter crosses the forest of the Rabassa, to more than 1400 meters of height.

There, the pine to albar becomes owner and absolute gentleman of the imposing landscape. Although those that rob the show are the butterflies and the birds, that throughout accompany to the visitors the route. Most common to find they are herrerillo or the blue trepador between the birds, and the Apolo butterflies. It is good for knowing that these rustic landscapes are, nevertheless, closely together of urban centers, as well as of the numerous cheap hotels of Andorra that before we mentioned. And since we are in favor of the forest of the Rabassa, what better than to finish to the day to all vertigo in tobogn more length of the world. What how much measures? Neither the more nor less than 5300 meters, 1700 of ascent and 3600 of slope. The Tobotronc is impressive tobogn alpine that can cross of a two people, mounting special sleighs. Crossing the forest, from the Field of fire to the Field of Snow, his 400 meters of unevenness give a experience difficult to forget. It is possible to clarify that although these ecological attractions are not in the capital parish, Andorra the Beautiful one, they are located closely together of the same and populations that have all the comforts, including many of the cheap hotels of Andorra. In that sense, it is enough to know the supply hotel the principality to see far is of being an elitist center. The numerous cheap hotels of Andorra try that to enjoy this small paradise it is within reach of all.

The Paradise Of Stars

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For darte a dream trip we give some ideas you of destinies, that they have been visited by more than a star. All is wonderful Islands. Island Bora Bora This island has a great popularity as Honeymoon destiny. Many of the hotels count on their deprived island, with beaches only for their guests. It has been said more in one go than Bora Bora is the paradise in the Earth.

Their hotels are famous by his bungalows on the water. The Bora Bora Nui Resort, counts on 120 bungalows, all with view to the sea, luxurious marble bathtubs, spectacular details, and their famous floors with glass panels, to be able to admire the chorale and the fish under apdgr-Ls. guests register themselves in their floating lobby, while singing and musical they give the welcome you. Chnstina Applegate and Johnathon Schaech passed their Moon there ” t” Honey. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban lodged in the St. Regis Bora Bora.

This resort counts on completely equipped towns of luxury with 3 rooms, 2 rooms, a professional, hungry kitchen, private swimming pool. Islands Fiji Tori Spelling and Dean Me. Dermott they shared unforgettable moments in the Wakaya Club, Fiji, an idyllic place in a private island. In the famous Fiji” s Turtle IslandResort, 100 employees takes care of a maximum of 14 pairs. Its work consists of allowing all the tastes of the pair, with details like picnics with lobster and Champagne in a deprived beach, or organizarte the evening that seems more romantic to you. Other famous ones that has visited Fiji: Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Bearded islands Sandy Lae are known by their elegant atmosphere earth. The guests are received in the airport in a Bentley. Several famous ones like Mick Jagger, Greta Garbo, Reina Elizabeth, and many others have taken vacations here. In the 2004, Tiger Woods, the famous golfista, contracted marriage with Elin Nordegen here. The Maldives are formed by than 1200 islands more grouped, and they are located the southwest of India. The sky of the Maldives is said that, is of most beautiful and blue of the planesta, as well as its beaches. Their calm waters hide one fascinating beauty, in which they live more than 700 species. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes traveled towards the Ku-rumba Resort, with its 180 towns and bungalows with view to the sea. They remained a part of the time in the yacht of a friend, and the rest of the time in resort. The Royal Kurumba, that has two dormitories, a living room, two swimming pools, jacuzzi, deprived garden, and a butler.

Aesthetic Acupuncture

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Aesthetic acupuncture by Acupuncture Face Lifting without surgery? and with Acupuncture? The Tandem Acupuncture and beauty is recent in the West, but in fact it is an extension to the service of the aesthetic one of a therapeutic practice that was born in millenarian China. This therapy began to put itself fashionable in California, the USA, between stars of Hollywood, and little by little it has been extended of improbable way to the rest of the world to today. New York is the second center of aesthetic Acupuncture greater World, and are the thousand villagers those that have been put under the needles to treat their wrinkles and to rejuvenecer their appearance. The results are incredible and people are contented. So that aesthetic Acupuncture is so effective still seems to be a mystery. British doctor Ralf Sepson, that works with the Acupunture Group of New York, simply says to us: ” we do not know why it acts, the patients are convinced that something happens and something, indeed, them sucede”. The best thing is to leave a side the western mentality, since to explain the operation of aesthetic Acupuncture it is to want to impose a useless logic to something whose effectiveness and result are verified. The truth is that no conventional scientific investigator understands in minimum what is what the introduced needles to the being do.

According to Medicina Tradicional China (MTC) any disease is the result of a imbalance between the opposite but complementary forces of the Yin and the Yang. In the body the needles activate the energy flow, so that the normal balance between these forces is gotten to restore. The treatment to stretch the face skin consists of the insertion of 36 fine super needles (diameter of a hair), in different parts from the body (expensive, neck, hands and legs). These inserted needles are so fine that as soon as feels like the being. As a patient said: ” They seem the mini-puncture of mosquito”.

In agreement with the state in which is the skin, the needles are left of 5 10 minutes. The patients affirm not to feel no pain and many until fall asleep of much that enjoy the treatment. In aesthetic Acupuncture the needles are not placed only on the zone or region of the exact body where the problem is pronounced, but also (and in the majority of the cases) where they can influence (directly or indirectly) the same. Imagnese the human body like a railway network with different shutdowns for trains expresses and the premises, and with some stations that have more connections than others. Therefore it is only possible to be understood how a needle inserted concerning the binoculars in the legs can modify the state and internal and external complexin of the neck.

South America Zones

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The diversity and wealth of the coastal ecosystems are also excellent in the continent. The longitudinal disposition of the same, with the consequent variation of temperatures and sea currents which it is exposed, determines that in Latin America they are located an immense variety of coastal regions of a great ecological and economic value. Thus, a great percentage of the total world-wide of the mangrove swamps (coastal zones keys for the development and terrestrial reproduction of marine species, amphibious, birds and) and reefs of chorale (ecosystems of great biological diversity and great vulnerability), they are located in Latin American waters Salazar adds to us Cross, that – the tropical virgin forests of Mesoamrica and the amazonian river basin, the mangrove swamps and the tropical reefs of chorale of the Caribbean and other zones, mountain the coastal ecosystems of the $andes and marshy zones are some of the most vulnerable ecosystems for the purposes of the climatic change.

Other effects include the increase of the geographic distribution of carriers of infectious diseases, that brings about or greater vulnerability of the people to the malaria, dengue, the yellow fever and the bubonic plague. – The loss of Latin American glaciers is a especially dramatic test of the climatic change: the mountain range of the $andes and the Patagonia in Argentina are showing to signs of backward movement of glaciers and reduction of the zones covered with snow. The loss of glaciers in the $andes and the salt water intrusion by the increase of the level of the sea will affect the potable water availability, as well as to the agricultural production and the tourism. – The region has a political, institutional and technological observation, information systems and control, capacity to create initiatives and marks limited to confront the climatic change. Salazar adds Cross, that of the 20 Countries and islands that there are in the Caribbean, of the 7 Central American countries, the 13 countries in South America and Mexico, the green ones we are present in 10 of them..