Limiting Cell Phone Use By Branding, SIM-lock, Or NET-lock

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The network operators restrict the functionality of the devices reduced the consumer. That the cheap prepaid phones usually have a SIM lock, is already well known to most consumers. Activation of this SIM lock lock can only be made if consumers already two years has used the device or in the pay of a free amount of circuitry to the provider. The supposedly cheap cell phone is therefore often not so cheap for users who want to use other SIM cards with their prepaid cell phone, and a free purchase without restrictions would have been more appropriate. Few years ago, consumers with a mobile contract did not have this problem, because contract mobile phones were mostly also with any other SIM card to use. There is yet another possibility, which may complicate the use of discounted mobile phones the consumer.

Is its logo of a so-called branding, where the operator clearly visible on the Device is placed. In addition to the change of housing, also the software of the device on the provider is adjusted so that it is possible to use with a SIM card of other network provider only under difficult conditions. Beware consumers need to especially, as some devices, the launch of paid services on a certain button is linked. So it is possible, for example, that through an easily accessible key, a connection to the Internet is built, which is not even noticed by the consumer in the worst case. A mobile phone which will be purchased without restrictions and freely, not danger of this, as the consumers themselves can decide which function, the keys are assigned. It is worth to check whether a cell phone without branding is potentially cheaper, undisturbed can use foreign SIM cards in view of the fact that the buyer to its provider is tightly bound or limited previously in a cell phone contract. At first glance a Device without binding contract appears often more expensive, should the end user exactly compare which benefits he gets through a free cell phone. NET-lock, branding and SIM-lock significantly complicates the use of discounted phones for the consumer and may be even more expensive.

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