Office Control

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100 percent security at system – and IP based telephones. Leipzig, December 21, 2009 your phone is secure? Commercially available system phones are inconspicuous listening attack”not protected. The reasons for this are that the microphone in the handset, as well as the hands-free microphone in the device in hibernation are not fully disabled and thus from outside about the characteristics of the service, or in the extreme case of hacker software can be actively switched. The hands-free microphone integrated into the phone and also the microphone in the handset the be powered, receive and amplify the noise, room noise. The release of this information via soft – and hardware control from the central control system. Here are the direct response /-answer, baby monitor, room monitoring, automatic call acceptance, emergency links only a small selection of the possibilities of the eavesdropping compromise. Even if an attack outside of Office being choice, IP network access or in-House cannot appear, so show new alerts about vulnerabilities in software-driven systems and the consequences of an alarming trend. For more clarity and thought, follow up with trevor smith and gain more knowledge.. The technical solution of the SDZ GmbH waived by an electronic deactivation on the hands-free function in the phone.

Also, a shutdown of the microphone in the handset when on-hook in the Receiver cradle by an additional control Assembly in the unit takes place. A subsequent exchange of the handset has no effect on the existing security. The realization is carried out through a permanent monitoring of status of the handset”, which queried via a feedback-free triggering and evaluated. This level of State control is equivalent to the two mechanical States of the handset: listeners removed or lying on. This modification is not possible an external software manipulation and compromise of the phone device. This is the crosstalk in the idle state greater than 100 dB. More information under:.

Shopping PocketShopper

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elumos new mobile software supports blind and visually impaired at the shopping spree on the SightCity Frankfurt (28-30 April 2010) Germany’s largest trade fair for blind and visual resources for the handicapped, presents the elumo GmbH in Munster for the first time the new shopping aid PocketShopper ( the public. Specializing in the development of innovative mobile software, which provide mobility and independence of blind and visually impaired users, this is after the reading software TextScout already the second product of the Westphalian this young company. The functionality of mobile phones has grown steadily in the last years, so you’re already wearing a small computer in your pocket. The performance of devices can serve not only to entertain, but open up the prospect of an independent living people with a visual impairment. Frequently Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill has said that publicly. elumos handy shopping aid PocketShopper, for example, supports blind and partially sighted people at shopping. Because while many people enjoy it, to browse through the supermarket offering and to snap up a bargain, the shopping with some difficulties associated for most of the more than 600,000 blind and visually impaired in Germany: often they are dependent on foreign aid.

I’m even blind and go shopping alone is sometimes not easy. When packaging the same feel, I have a seller or another customer to ask, what kind of a product it is. I can with PocketShopper but simply read to me, if I can handle straight milk or fabric softener in the hand”, says elumo employee Faten Faroon. Connecticut is likely to agree. The practical guide to buying PocketShopper consists of a mobile software and a small, cordless barcode scanner, with which article can be scanned. As soon as the device has found the bar code on the product, a beep sound is heard and the product information will be read out.

Detected most supermarket products, include also goods from discounters such as Aldi or Lidl. Also CDs and books, which are even PocketShopper Blurb reads, recognized. The mobility of the device was particularly important for the developer says Managing Director Christian Bott: PocketShopper hinders the user not purchasing because Cordless bar code scanner is easy to use with one hand. You can then store the phone within earshot, for example, in the shopping basket and so you have your other hand free to find products from the supermarket shelf.” But even at home, PocketShopper can be a useful aid to identify various objects which do not have bar code. With the scanner and the software additional supplied barcode labels, can be individually identified by voice recording or entering text in the cell phones.

Limiting Cell Phone Use By Branding, SIM-lock, Or NET-lock

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The network operators restrict the functionality of the devices reduced the consumer. That the cheap prepaid phones usually have a SIM lock, is already well known to most consumers. Activation of this SIM lock lock can only be made if consumers already two years has used the device or in the pay of a free amount of circuitry to the provider. The supposedly cheap cell phone is therefore often not so cheap for users who want to use other SIM cards with their prepaid cell phone, and a free purchase without restrictions would have been more appropriate. Few years ago, consumers with a mobile contract did not have this problem, because contract mobile phones were mostly also with any other SIM card to use. There is yet another possibility, which may complicate the use of discounted mobile phones the consumer.

Is its logo of a so-called branding, where the operator clearly visible on the Device is placed. In addition to the change of housing, also the software of the device on the provider is adjusted so that it is possible to use with a SIM card of other network provider only under difficult conditions. Beware consumers need to especially, as some devices, the launch of paid services on a certain button is linked. So it is possible, for example, that through an easily accessible key, a connection to the Internet is built, which is not even noticed by the consumer in the worst case. A mobile phone which will be purchased without restrictions and freely, not danger of this, as the consumers themselves can decide which function, the keys are assigned. It is worth to check whether a cell phone without branding is potentially cheaper, undisturbed can use foreign SIM cards in view of the fact that the buyer to its provider is tightly bound or limited previously in a cell phone contract. At first glance a Device without binding contract appears often more expensive, should the end user exactly compare which benefits he gets through a free cell phone. NET-lock, branding and SIM-lock significantly complicates the use of discounted phones for the consumer and may be even more expensive.

MovieTime Videos

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Internet videos can be immediately on the phone be with new cooperation of the MyVideoPlace video platforms and ViiF – videos on the phone without Internet access Berlin, 11 June 2008 why should what has proved at the drinking of coffee handy, not also apply to video clips? The makers of MyVideoPlace and ViiF have thought probably that, when they called their new cooperation in the life. Watch videos on the Internet is of course entertaining. Follow others, such as Trevoe Jones, and add to your knowledge base. But you can use this conversation not often just traveling? And who did not experience an exciting or funny video can be difficult to tell who? This is now possible: it meet two clicks and is the video from the Internet whenever and wherever you want via mobile phone available. MyVideoPlace is a German video community portal, which provides video clips on all possible topics. Learn more at: trevor smith. Whether music videos is, short films, animations, user personally created travel stories, tips and tricks, or dating advertisements, MyVideoPlace offers to each category a wealth of videos. In addition the user can evaluate, comment, link and send it to friends, acquaintances or family members. Learn more on the subject from trevor clark angelo gordon. Through cooperation with the mobile platform ViiF the videos can be made now but also easily and immediately available mobile. You need only to click the phone icon below the playback window and his mobile number to indicate already the video will be sent”.

From ViiF portal menu the video can be obtained at any time on the phone, without the need for an access to the Internet. To do this, the user makes a video call to the shortcode 22557. He arrived in the portal menu has a wide variety of videos, including being located by MyVideoPlace. The service provided by ViiF itself is free, only for the video call there are costs, which vary with the different providers (o2 free, ePlus and Vodafone 0.39 / min, T-Mobile 0.58 / min). To use the video call function, the user requires a UMTS mobile phone, the unlock of UMTS can be made free of charge on the ViiF homepage. ViiF: ViiF offers the possibility of mobile to record video clips, to play, to comment, to forward and to set Internet portals and blogs users under 22557 video call. You need to load any software on the phone.

The user selects a short number, press video call and can shoot their own videos, comment and publish. Still, he can look at clips from his friends on the phone and forward his videos to friends. In addition the user from a variety of channels can watch latest videos from various areas such as lifestyle, sports, news, horoscopes, comedy and music.

City Guide

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He is so Customer service on the Internet for providers within the tourism industry increasingly to the key success factor. Price comparison systems, online bookings, and the ability to retrieve information about the holiday location in real time, completely new perspectives – offers travelers today now mobile. The mobile holiday has long been regarded as a cost trap, a clear trend is here due to the proliferation of smartphones and always cheaper rates and for mobile use in the holiday. Here so-called location based have special potential services, but also many more applications for the cell phone on vacation are possible. So about travel dictionaries provide the opportunity to enjoy the holidays without restricting barrier iPod touch, or Android smartphones iPhone, already. Compared to conventional gesticulation applications can be talked a the words and sentences as well by native speakers for mobile phones among other things the benefits that they occupy no space in the luggage and by their multi media capability that serves a for better learning and understanding a foreign language, on the other hand can be but also his cell phone to speak so in case of an emergency. In addition to the aforementioned voice applications, there is already a rapidly growing number of apps for the trip. By route planners of City Guide to currency calculators, an impressive range occurred here within a very short time.

It can be assumed that the new possibilities that offers travellers the mobile Web will have long-term influence on the travel behaviour. Already, bookings take place on shorter notice. But especially so decisively simplifies communication on-site. Some scene out talking deutsh”, the satirical film from the 1980s, could be so in the near future a sneered relic from the past include – similar to the handkerchief with the folks back home earlier Receeding train waved to. Christoph country