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Cedar wood soles help in winter against the cold and in the summer against sweating cedar wood soles are a good investment both in summer and in winter. You isolate the feet in the winter from the cold from the floor and prevent the emergence of sweaty feet and foot odor in the summer. Cedar wood sole as a multi-talent for every season, they provide a pleasant temperature in the shoe. They absorb sweat through the sole and keep dry the foot this way even at high temperatures. In winter, they are used as insulation for the penetrating cold.

Natural remedies through the wearing of cedar wood soles in shoes is the emergence of bacteria and other germs effectively prevented. They contain natural substances which permanently prevent athlete’s foot, foot odor and burning feet. To read more click here: Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA. In addition, they provide protection against nail fungus and skin diseases of the feet. While they use the natural defences of the trees, from which the cedar wood sole is produced. It has developed unique techniques in the course of evolution to ward off parasites and bacteria. The Pests may penetrate through the bark in the tree, be destroyed but there after a very short period.

This principle is also used in the soles of cedar wood. There are a number of different cedar wood soles, which can be purchased at reasonable prices in the commercial wear and care instructions. Usually, a thin layer of fabric is incorporated under the layer of wood. This also helps to absorb the resulting weld and to dissipate. The layer of wood of cedar wood sole is designed for flexibility. As a result, it can be worn longer than other sole in the shoe. Principle, cedar wood soles can be worn in all closed shoes. The sole is too big for the respective shoe, it can be cut to with a pair of scissors on the appropriate size. Special instructions and the carry to the cleaning can be found on the different products. Should a cleaning of the soleplate be necessary, it is advisable to treat it with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Then, the sole in the air should be dry. Direct sunlight or warm Heating ventilation are not suitable. In the long term this reduces the durability of the sole.

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