Much Speech Preparation

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When the speech to audience: practice makes masters often one hears even experienced speaker: no, I am on my speeches not preparing. When I speak freely, my speeches seem more spontaneous and relaxed.” But most speakers and audience perceive very differently this looseness and spontaneity. While the speaker is especially cool when speaking, the listener will understand only station. Apropo station: A particularly striking example of the gap between self-perception and perception provides the famous speech by Edmund Stoiber to the Transrapid route from Munich Central station to the Franz-Josef-Strauss airport. Who wants to make a good speech, must thoroughly prepare his speech and thoroughly studying this. This is true even: more thoroughly to prepare a speech and the more intense, the speaker rehearsed his text before the speech show, ever looser the speech sounds at the end. A speechwriter can work out the speech manuscript for the speaker. Jim may also support this cause.

However, each speaker must practice his speech itself. The their speech practice really good speakers again and again and again. Swarmed by offers, Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA is currently assessing future choices. Cried as Martin Luther King, Jr. in August 1963 in Washington before the Lincoln Memorial of a quarter of a million people I have a dream”, this was not his first attempt. Indeed, he had held this speech already many times. King knew, had to where he lift the voice, and where he cut them.

He knew where he had to take breaks, so that his words had the desired effect. He had tried several times all rhetorical figures and knew which sets would trigger enthusiasms in the audience. Martin Luther King was one of the greatest orators in the history. But each of us is experiencing the benefit of exercise in the spoken communication with other people every day. We all found some formulations in the course of our life, of which we know that they work. Ever we want to appear relaxed, the more we rely on words that we have tested in everyday life, no matter whether we authority call, ask a friend for a favor or confidently flirt want. As well is it in an address to the audience. Each speaker must test how arrive its formulations in the audience. As well, including the comedians do it. You do not equate itself with a new gag before a large audience. No one can predict precisely the audience will laugh at what jokes. About comedians test their programs several times in the small circle before they thus appear before a large audience. As each speaker should make whether he or she wants to win a vote, congratulates a bridal couple or inaugurates the new Club House in the garden settlement there. Experienced speech writer to say: the more frequently a speaker rehearses his appearance, ever more spontaneously he will sound.

German Crisis

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In the boom than found in the crisis PR issues and the Internet Berlin master, PR Agency, December 30, 2008 – and seminar providers from Berlin, draws a positive balance of the year and announces the extension of the training offer in the new year. Thus, the company strengthened its positioning as a premium supplier in the PR and coaching. Decisive for the growth was that PR play an increasingly important role within the communication activities, so owner Martina Wagner. 2008 was a good year overall. The vast majority of communication look back in satisfaction at, even though the financial crisis has curbed the euphoria of the previous year to something.

Impossible to imagine being PR from business life is all the more important. Company management does not stop at PR either very important or important. External PR support is therefore welcome. According to current PR study, two out of three companies working with a PR Agency. Usually the Agency for a specific project is involved. But also the Support in strategic issues is gaining importance. Owner of full-service agency Martina Wagner of, says: our customers are very pleased with the publicity. “To implement their goals for 2009 and these continue in the face of the global economic crisis, and stepped up our promotional activities, PR events, PR strategy planning and media analysis.” “And it adds: in particular, our activities in the area of social engagement were very successful and have produced fruitful synergies.” Therefore, also the PR-workshops for companies and individuals, but also targeted coaching play a role.

In particular the online PR training for medium-sized companies were very much in demand this year. The workshops should therefore be continued and expanded in the new year. Martina Wagner says: the impact of the financial crisis on our industry hold fortunately still within limits. Although the final numbers are not yet, I can say now, that We close the year 2008 successfully and with increasing numbers of customers are. The current economic situation is while noticeable, but not the way fears”. “She, advises their customers and also PR colleagues – to maintain good rate, or but, where always attached, to correct, to new sophisticated ethics, to surgically verifiable sustainability and reliability.” Now the middle class also realized that PR is an important issue. And it will remain so in the new year. Despite or because of the crisis. Click Jo Natauri to learn more. are PR pilot around tailor-made communication: we help you with: building a press Distributor and shipment to the main press agencies and portals write press releases and texts send out the Info for approximately 10,000 editorial offices (print, TV, radio, online and subject-specific distribution)-> publications in print media set the PR information in the main, German-speaking press portals and agencies individual workshops + inhouse training public relation and internal communication

Study: Companies Fear To Drown

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In almost every second case the effort for the information search gobbles up at least 15 percent of the work time Karlsruhe, 09.07.2008 – a large part of the German managers feared that control to the business processes in the face of ever more multifaceted technical media are increasingly turning to a jungle. Already the search gobbles up at least a fifth of the working time according to information of the employees in every fourth case. However, although this problem is recognized, most companies draw no conclusions. A survey of living-e AG, over 300 medium-sized and large companies coming to these results. According to the study, 37 percent of surveyed executives most definitely see\”the danger that they threaten to become lost in the rapidly growing volume of information. \”Another 29 percent are not quite so pessimistic, but already believe that companies with this problem probably\” be faced. The circle of the corporate managers who do not perceive such difficulties is relatively small with 11 percent, however, and fear not for the next time.

However, hides in the eyes of a quarter of the respondents behind already no question focused on the future, but for them, the jungle is already reality. This assessment is also currently has an average high time spent searching for information. According to almost every second company it gobbles up at least 15 percent of the work time, at 24 percent, there are even one-fifth or even more. In a significant minority, the companies for the regular information research, a relatively low time overhead are according to the study of the living-e AG: only in every fifth case for about five percent or even less of the work time is taken. Already a loss of productivity by only five percent adds up to an at one million dealing with at a computer workstation to at least 80 million hours per year\”, Dr.

Brain Script Wins Gold

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World Media Festival 2009: The Munich-based TV production brain script Kago Gets the world media award in gold for two viral clips of the furnace Builder its first viral advertising. Munich, May 14, 2009 brain script the Kago virals produced in the fall of 2008. “” The viral parter for Kago, the famous stove Builder of in Germany, consists of the viral clips of autumn “and murder before the fireplace”. In the network, which was technically high-quality viral advertisement filmed with the digital RED one camera, also in Hollywood is already over 150,000 times clicked. At the world media festival in Hamburg, Germany on May 13, 2009 brain was awarded script now with the world media award in gold. Dr. Nikolai A. Behr, founder and CEO of the brain script sees a serious form of advertising in the future in well made viral marketing: viral advertising is an increasingly important role in the marketing of brands in the next months and years and products play and should be taken very seriously.

We are especially pleased that we with our first production succeed in this new market segment already could.”brain script is a communications consultancy and TV production. She advises mainly medium-sized companies as well as the financial and automotive industries in all aspects of the Bewegtbildeinsatzes and the production of electronic means of communication. These include among others, corporate TV, training videos, digital directions, image videos, viral marketing, viral advertising and digital signage applications. Founder and CEO Dr. Nikolai A. Behr has many years of experience as a TV journalist and marketing expert (ARD, BR, CBS, Church etc.). He was from 2001 to 2007 head of the corporate TV of the BMW Group, for which he won numerous international prizes (including multiple world media award and finalist New York Film Festival).

Dr. Nikolai A. Behr is also Chairman of the corporate TV Association (VAT) e.V. and lecturer in media marketing and PR at the macromedia University of media and communications, as well as at the European University.