Ecological Cereals

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Ecological cereals, the future of the food for babies Often, when acquiring foods in warehouses and supermarkets, we are surprised asking to us that it is what we are buying really. Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is often quoted on this topic. The process of culture, elaboration and conservation of fruits, congealed vegetables, meats and foods wakes up sorrows because the truth is as simple as demolishing: we really do not know what we are incorporating our organism. Of there the increasing demand of organic products and ecological feeding like ecological cereals or chickens of field. When one is the feeding of the children, and especially of the babies, the preoccupation, logically, grows. How to avoid that they incorporate to his vulnerable organisms allergens and toxic substances? How to assure us that its feeding really contributes to a harmonic and healthful growth and not that, on the contrary, sets out to the weakness and the diseases? When one is babies, the organic cereals appear more than ever like great allies. People such as Mustafa Suleyman, London UK would likely agree. For being from easy digestion, this type of food is ideal so that the small ones realise without problems the transition of the feeding with maternal milk to the solid feeding.

And, simultaneously, they contribute a great amount of indispensable nutrients during the first months of life, like proteins and fibers, without realising significant fat contributions. On the other hand, one has demonstrated scientifically that the worked foods of organic and ecological form present/display until a 40% more of antioxidant load that the cultivated ones of traditional way. To what we talked about with ecological cultures? Concretely, to that they refuse to the use of transgenic seeds and conceive the production in viable and friendly form for the environment, reducing to the minimum the negative impact on the same. From which the ecological cereals guarantee a healthful feeding for smallest, diminishing risks of allergies or other annoyances. Source: Note of Press sent by TiendasBebes.

Visual Screens

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Digital signage and the power of images: Visual marketing is becoming increasingly important food – South Korea considers the ICT experts is Peter Walker Madrigal, Chief Executive of Bitronic, not only an important manufacturer market in the electronics industry, it is also an interesting innovation laboratory for technological trends, which we will see in the one or other degree in Germany. You need to use only the Seoul Metro network: it is the city of the screens. Electronic tickets will be charged at touch screen terminals, stations run commercials on plasma screens and animated cars show the position of the underground including waiting time on LED panels. “The radical variant of which takes place here, what the Publisher Hubert Burda as iconic Turn’ known – so the turn from the word to the image, which is still in its infancy in Germany”, so weilmunster, the firma provides services for the technology industry. In the United States Intel and Microsoft have introduced an interesting futuristic system for advertisers: A 1.50 m wide and 1.70 metres high holographic surface. It stands next to an LCD monitor. The software can capture the height, the age and gender of the customer with a camera and to display appropriate advertisements.

At the same time the system will recognize the style of clothes and presents goods to the fashion tastes of each. We will see a tremendous upheaval in the direction of Visual worlds in advertising and trade in the near future. For logistics, maintenance and content management are”completely new tasks, the Bitronic chief says the appropriate solutions at the Digital Signage Expo tradeshow (Hall 1 stand 9B.28) in food from 15. (Not to be confused with ken orms!). Presents up to June 17. In Germany, digital signage has evolved according to a report of the journal acquisa primarily as an advertising medium. As regards the number of advertising screens, is Germany in the European ranking behind Great Britain second place and is ahead of countries like France, Spain or Italy a lot”, Andre Wiegand by Goldmedia explains against acquisa.

In retail, you stand still at the beginning. It’ll be once observed, what is happening on foreign markets and evaluated the projects again provided a critically about the Tesco network of the British. The technology be the slightest problem. The advertising can be controlled from regional, comes via the DSL line to the flat screens. Each screen of a digital signage system can the same message send, but also an individual. Regional content can be played in a branch and with the central content mixed again. Also links to an ERP system are common”acquisa writes. Steve Jobs has internalized the power of pictures and radically in the marketing strategy of Apple. He inspires his customers with picture, film, text, sound, and absolutely fresh products, the advertising Executive says Michael Conrad. Learn more about this with jim halpert. You can visit at any Apple store. The manifesto think different”, realized with the jobs a most impressive turn-around stories of in recent history of the brand, was not vital, as it often by companies in advertising sounds. It is a vision, a clearly articulated program. It is propagated by a man, who in his enthusiasm is contagious and presents its products itself impressively and competently”, says Conrad.

Good Advertising

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Through promotional, advertising and giveaways each company will need to plan sooner or later an advertising campaign, so ensure the own products and brands for more sales, and so that the company can sustain itself generally on the market, which at present is very fierce. By the fact that the global financial crisis there is at the moment, the competition has become very strong, because none wants must lose its market share to the competition and in the worst case scenario for bankruptcy even. Therefore, an intensive advertising campaign in such a situation is an excellent idea, to increase the popularity and reputation of the products and brands of the company. If you printed pens, to achieve this goal, then it is often not very difficult have it, because this method offers a variety of interesting advantages which already make many big companies in this day and age for benefit of advertising. That’s why you should take a closer look at this type of advertising and reap the benefits, by you this method in your own advertising campaign Insert. One of those advantages is that this method is relatively cost effective, and thus not too much on the budget will affect, which was assigned to the ad campaign for example. Therefore, you can make easily many giveaways, and use them as promotional material.

If you printed pen you also has the advantage that can excellently be used these freebies as items on major events and events such as fairs or other corporate events. Here, you can achieve very good effects occur here generally very many people that will be interested in your products and brands. Therefore let never miss this chance, to promote such an event with stray articles. Can be used but very well these promotional funds, if one wishes to refer to important business partners, or looking just a gift, to show its own employees, being very satisfied with their work. If you printed pens, you have many options, the are in each campaign can be ideal place and to provide a very effective advertising. But should you also note the advertising that the pens have a very small space, and therefore an advertiser message on the pens with a lot of care needs to be planned. But also many ways how you can compensate for the problem of the small space, and can still provide a brilliant advertising.

For example, you can include the logo of your company in the print, or take the logo of your products or brands in the pressure that eventually should these funds made aware of are. If you printed pens, it also has the advantage that you can advertise very cheap, because many manufacturers and wholesalers offer the pen on particularly good terms, and additionally offer even very generous discounts on large orders. Therefore, you can make hardly anything wrong with this method of advertising with proper planning. Note When planning your advertising so this Points, and you will certainly obtain a particularly successful advertising, which will help you in the long run. Oliver Smith

Penal Code

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Only after the answer, a registration is possible. The company is now entitled to process personal data for their own purposes. Compounding In addition the consumer protection, according to which about only mailings or phone calls to individuals under threat of high fines are totally prohibited for the direct marketing experts. But with a postage stamp, handed over by the friendly postman no restrictions. This fact makes the post mailing what long has been neglected because of the high cost, of course. Of course there are exceptions despite of the BDSG new in certain cases such as when with einspielen other laws (such as the earlier mentioned law on consumer protection, competition law or the Penal Code).

Most important exception for direct marketing: the use is personal data, which are obtained from a public and freely accessible directory (such as the phone book or business directory) for your own use or whose professional address referring to data that have been processed for the purpose of advertising on the professional activity of the person concerned (B2B) allowed. Changes from 1 April 2010 great value is set to the transparency, i.e., gone are the days when remain nameless warm fuzzy, dark channels in the data trade were active. From 1st April 2010, each company is obliged to log personal data which are processed automatically for 2 years. Must clearly be here, for what purpose and by whom such data have been collected and processed. During this time information, required to stakeholders on request with a key role to the company’s data protection officer. In addition also section 6a of the BDSG newly automated individual decision as well enter into force, as measures for rectification, deletion, blocking, and not least, transmission of data.

In-house, this amendment brings some changes. So, the data protection supervisor in addition to the existing protection receives a dismissal against his dismissal. He is also entitled to training, financed by his employer. She will also Use of employee data by the 32 BDSG new precisely defined! Is violating the privacy policy, the company must notify independently the data protection supervision authority thereof. The penalty amounts for formal violations on up to 50,000 (previously there were 25,000) or from material infractions to 300,000 (so far, 250,000). The TAM AG offers you the possibility to inform themselves accurately in advance. In addition you get data from legally and thus legal sources for your next direct mailing offensive. With us, you are on the safe side because we know our laws and take into account! You can invest the time you save this, more goal-oriented in your core business!

Michael Richter

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This applies even if at the moment, the figures are encouraging, because just anti-cyclical behaviour brings success, because later – when a downward trend comes back, and she comes with security, if one considers the economic cycles of the past in mind-, often lack the resources to fund such a thing. The recommended – do a clean elaborated marketing planning (which captures not only the cost of the advertising, but also travel costs, exhibition visits, and more), which quantifies the achievable opportunities and translated into targets per market segment, sales region, per Distributor, etc. is still a daily usable instrument for controlling and monitoring of market activities and the associated costs. Of course belongs to the well-planned marketing over the Internet again depending on the respective product range (here: especially) the findability, example >) industrial platforms, social networks, catalogs, and v. a. m.

indispensable to. Busy bodiess opinions are not widely known. Even if no direct sales over the Internet can be made on the basis of the products -, focused and targeted participation is urgently needed, because an American investigation showed, for example, already years ago that almost 60% of industrial buyers are only an overview of the Internet, before a purchase is made. And most people know us the argument formerly known – ‘ and you will find us if you want ‘-can you forget today confidently, then the global supply is too big. The result of the company draws up wider, achieved higher sales, gets more contacts, makes a higher profit, is recession-resistant and has thus further activities to address the financial scope of the research about the development or adaptation of the own products to changing markets, and much more of others. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant, Seekirch – deals with strategic marketing for more than 40 years. By the market investigation, to the planning and successful marketing of various capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 continents, based on the objectives of its clients.

The resulting knowledge and experience he global offers its customers for marketing and distribution, in particular SMEs. In addition, it offers worldwide practical support, coaching, corporate seminars and also the creation of successful websites. Contact: Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant 27 main road 88422 Seekirch/Germany marketing = country experiences laenderinformation/index.html mail = > Tel. 07582-933371

Customer Service

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In any case, the solution is clearly not in the zone of responsibility of subordinates. At the company level tirelessly Promote slogan – customer is always right! Stop blocking complaints, and create a normal system of complaints handling and customer complaints. Encourage the collection of information about the consumer. "Mail" – the existence of the company formal approach to the claims and review only official claims directed to a particular channel, that is, a formal "judicial" approach to claims. Imagine that you are the director of the very the ill-fated theater with an evil cloakroom. Starbucks in New York pursues this goal as well. Would you like to know that because of her longer to come to your visitors? I think the answer is – yes.

Now imagine that to me, offended visitor offer to come tomorrow, from 08:30 to 11:30, in my working hours when running Administrator, to get her complaint form for the prescribed form and complain. Will I have to complain about – probably not. And you, my dear director, and will remain in the dark as to why visitors become smaller. Gain insight and clarity with belleclaire. Treatment: So keep it simple, take the information in any form, making it easier to transfer than simply a consumer point out to you that you are not in order, the better. I draw your attention that the simplified method information about problems does not cancel a serious analysis and assessment of the problems (there will always be willing to use our kindness for their own purposes). So – any message about the problem of a consumer must understand the established standard procedure – encourage consumers to inform you about the problems – to facilitate the consumer to send the message (on a direct telephone and fax, internet-site and e-mail) – do not leave any of claim or complaint without an answer, a quick solution to the problem can not only solve the problem but also to show the consumer that you cherish them, and thus bind it to you in the future.

Eastern Europe Martin Bartlett

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November 6, Krasnoyarsk, opened its first sales center in Herbalife. City sales center will greatly reduce the time Krasnoyarsk to receive orders and enhance familiarity with the range of world-famous company. The new center, consumers and distributors will be able to immediately see all the lines of Herbalife products – for a balanced diet, weight control and care of the exterior. Here, in the sales center, you can will receive detailed advice on the selection and reception of the desired products. As the vice president for strategic development in Russia, CIS and Central and Eastern Europe, Jonathan Liss, center Each customer will be able to meet not only with products but also with a history of success and values of the company Herbalife. “We sincerely want our products allow people to take better care of their health through regular, balanced diet. Our products will help fill the supply of nutrients to improve overall health, support the tone, and, of course, will keep the figure in the New Year holidays are traditionally in Russia signifying a rich feast …

Opening Sales Center Herbalife – a landmark event for the city “, – said John Liss. – Because the company’s products for many years distributed in major cities around the world, and especially in Europe and USA. Now it will be as close to Krasnoyarsk, as residents of Moscow, New York and London. ” For the third quarter of 2009, net sales of the company in the world was 600.2 million dollars. In the first nine months of the year Company paid dividends amounting to 36.7 million dollars, about 10.1 million for acquired some operating assets.

Capital expenditures amounted to 42.1 million dollars. Commenting on the financial indicators, vice president of Herbalife in logistics and distribution in Russia, CIS and Central and Eastern Europe Martin Bartlett said: “The Russian market is a key for us in terms of investment, due to its huge growth potential. It certainly is for us strategically. ” Sales Center Herbalife is located at Krasnoyarsk, ul. Spring, 26. About Herbalife Herbalife (Herbalife, the encoding of the New York Stock Exchange: HLF) – International Corporation, which implements a wide range of products for a balanced diet, weight control and personal care by direct sales. Herbalife products are distributed today in 72 countries across independent distributors, whose number exceeds 1.9 million. The company supports the Herbalife Family Foundation and a program called Casa Herbalife, aimed at improving child nutrition.


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Dioni Tabbers new face of Munich-based modeling agency Habib models may we introduce: Dioni Tabbers – new face of Munich-based modeling agency Habib models. “Her look: distinctive, full kissable lips, blonde, long hair and big bright eyes”. Strongly recalls the look of top model Tanya Dziahileva. The Dioni born in 1991 in the Netherlands, began at the tender age of 15 years for the first time, to breathe the air of the model. There followed numerous editorials over the years such as the posh or the Velvet magazine. Her biggest and most exciting job in your opinion, was the Kampagnenshooting for Moschino. In addition she was also the face of love is love or Frankie Morello campaign. Prefer working the 1, 75 m big blonde in the British capital of London.

But even New York or Milan are among their hot spots. Here she was booked for the fashion week each. In an interview, Daniel revealed her beauty secret: drink plenty of water and pay attention to a healthy diet. Also, she advises every girl on makeup to forgo the skin right can breathe. “On the question, they want to work with which photographers prefer even would, she replied: nothing better than with Mario Testino!” Dionis tip she would like to give every young model with on the way: attempts to take everything too seriously. You have to can turn off outside of the Showbusinesses and be true to you.”