The Internet

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Use of technology in teaching English. The world is not static, as well as scientific – technical progress. And in the 21st century opens the possibility of learning English with the help of technology. Train English language – it means to teach communication, transmission and perception of information. Internet The Internet can bring language teaching to a new level. This communication, information and publication. Communication by using e-mail (WORLD WIDE WEB).

Thanks to the Internet information becomes available, relevant and authentic. There are supporters of the idea of language learning only through the Internet. But most teachers prefer to use the Internet along with traditional teaching tools. Internet – a source of supplementary materials for teachers in preparation for the occupation. Using the Internet in the classroom does not make sense at the initial stage of learning the language.

In courses for beginners exercises to consolidate the grammar and vocabulary is quite traditional (it is the most common exercises, the difference lies in the fact that students do not see them on paper and on monitor). Only positive point is that in many cases, you can immediately find out whether satisfied or that exercise. However, the question "why is it wrong and how to correct?" Must meet the teacher. There is such a phenomenon in the methodology of teaching English through the Internet as the Internet – the project. While working on the project (using the resources of the Internet), students apply and extend their language knowledge, receive extensive country information.

Pros And Cons Cookbook

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Currently, many children, as well as parents, can not imagine my life without Cookbook. In this article I would like to analyze all the pros and cons Cookbook. Let's start with the cons: 1.Reshebniki dried brains as well as children use them as a rule, not to test the already executed tasks, and immediately write off the finished job, and they have in mind is absolutely not what is left. 2.Reshebniki develop laziness, as children and parents who check on them homework for their children. Now pros 1.Reshebniki help parents to check homework for their children. 2.Reshebniki simplify the lives of students. You must agree, modern students very busy and if they are learn all the lessons every day, they have to live without books does not have time.

3.If using Cookbook after homework, you can avoid mistakes, and thus obtain a better estimate of the school. ncing-to-support-growth-and-continued-innovation-300470991.html’>financial technology for a more varied view. On Currently, there are many varieties Cookbook they can be presented in book form, may be in electronic format for viewing on your computer. And with a special wish, you can even download the Cookbook to your phone. GDZ for phone is very convenient. Since we can write off the problem and exercises right in the classroom.

Although I still want to say that the Cookbook should be used correctly. And only if they are not only not hurt you, but also help you in your studies. Only unfortunate that many children do not understand this. Of course, it's easier to buy or download the Cookbook Cookbook on the phone and have no problems with their homework. But as I wrote above knowledge and skills, it also is not, after all, perhaps, a modern hard for children to learns to be honest with such an abundance of all the cribs and various Cookbook. Cribs have always been, but now with the development of modern technology you can download cheat sheets on the phone and learns easily. But do not forget that before Cribs written by hand, and operates a mechanical memory, that is in my head that it was. A Cookbook previously did not exist as such. So learning is becoming easier and easier, but the children are getting lazier and lazier.

Cochlear Implantation

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At the present stage of development of science and technology, cochlear implantation is one of the most effective methods of rehabilitation of deaf children. 1, p.21. The system of cochlear implant (CI) consists of two main parts – implantable and external. Implantable part includes a receiver and active electrodes, the outer part of the system includes a microphone, speech processor, transmitter, is attracted to the implanted part of the skin with a magnet; controls that allow you to change the volume and select a program of treatment; indicators that monitor the operation of the speech processor, battery or batteries. Work of the cochlear implantation is described as follows: first, the sounds are perceived by a microphone and fed to the speech processor that converts sound into a coded signal consisting of a rapid sequence of electrical pulses, encoded signal is transmitted to a radio transmitter, radio transmitter sends a coded signal in the form of radio signals through the skin to the receiver, then implanted under the skin of the receiver decodes the signal and sends it as a sequence of electrical signals to the electrodes in the cochlea. And finally, the weak electrical signals transmitted by the electrodes stimulate the auditory nerve.

Different parts of the nerve are stimulated by different electrodes in accordance with the frequency of the sound received by microphone and the response is the auditory nerve transmits nerve impulses to the brain, which perceives them as the sounds 2. 4. In carrying out cochlear implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia, during which the patient's inner ear are entered electrodes. If you would like to know more then you should visit Rudy Giuliani.

Marx System

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In some texts the socialism is associated with the abolition of the separation between cities and field, and in such a way with the suppression of the urban industrial pollution. (they idem) Heel-of-aquiles of the reasoning of Marx and Engels it was, in some texts ‘ ‘ cannicos’ ‘ , acrtica conception of the forces of productive that is, of the device productive technician/capitalists/modern industrial as, if they were ‘ ‘ neutras’ ‘ as it was itself enough to the revolutionaries to socialize them, to substitute its private appropriation for a collective appropriation, making them to function in benefits of the workers and developing them in limitless way they must radically transform it What she not only implies the substitution of the destructive forms of energy for power plants you renewed and not-pollutants, but also a deep transformation of the inherited productive system of the capitalism, as well as of the system of transports and the system of urban habitation. (p.39-40) In this perspective, the socialist project not only aims at a new society and a new way of production, but also a new paradigm of civilization. See NY Museums for more details and insights. (p.40) 2- What it is ecossocialismo? 1- The marxists and the ecology the text is initiated bringing some consequences of the lived deeply ambient degradation throughout the times, thus the author points as possible reaction to these questions, the union between socialism and the ecology, identifying and demonstrating some points in common of the two trends. The ecological question is, in my opinion, the great challenge for a marxist renewal at the beginning of century XXI. Such question demands of the marxists deep a critical revision of its traditional conception of ‘ ‘ forces produtivas’ ‘ , as well as a radical rupture with the ideology of the linear progress and with the technological and economic paradigm of the modern industrial civilization..

Foreign Language

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Well done, you've decided to learn a foreign language. Reasons can be different: studies at a foreign university, career, travel just a desire to prove to himself or others, that I can. Is not the point, the fact that you decide. And then before you will be the question. What actually learn this language? Because now all sorts of techniques such quantity that it is no wonder they lost.

Now one of the most progressive teaching methods foreign language is a method of immersion. After all, not for nothing that people who find themselves in a foreign country, quickly begin to speak the language of this country. However, this is understandable. Indeed, in this case Foreign speech is heard from everywhere? on the street, on public transport, with TV screens. Unfamiliar words, look at you from the pages of newspapers and magazines. Willy nilly here to speak. But unfortunately, this method of language learning not available to everyone.

Too expensive yet relatively long-term residence in a foreign country. May hire a tutor? Well, firstly, the tutor also needs money, less than a long trip to another country, but still. And, Secondly, a tutor will never provide a full immersion. After all, why would you keep a tutor near you around the clock? Even then would be cheaper to go to a foreign country. Yet out of this situation there. And this has given us the output of scientific and technological progress as an audiobook. That's it for relatively little money to help you almost fully immersed in the desired language environment.

Partnercommunitarian Transformation

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The university professor as agent of Influence and sociocomunitrio transformation the professor possesss in the exercise of its profession the chance to act and to interact with diverse social classrooms, establishing bonds and providing reflections that will be able to produce drastic changes in the behavior and thinking idelogico of its learning. She is a professional who has the chance to evaluate the social context, the involved ideologies in the society and to use the power of the communication in its hands to look for to influence positively its pupils, provoking a conscience social politics and, taking the transformation. Therefore, ' ' the basic key for transformation is the conscience of the reality and the proper capacity for transform-la.' ' (FREIRE, 1979,78) As in them it brings Ryynnen (2008,72): Brazil possesss a Society of classrooms, fort segregation and social inaquality, poverty, preconceptions, ethnic, economic discrimination, cultural politics and, corruption the presence each marcante time of the violence and crime. Of the sociopedaggico point of view it has as one of the main problems keys: The Social segregation and the lack of vertical convivncia, beyond the process of naturalization of the situation. Already Guatarri (1996, ' ' p.' ' 203) in ' ' it brings that: This culture of mass produces, accurately, individuals; individuals normalized, articulated some to the other as hierarchic systems, systems of values, systems of submission – not visible and explicit systems of submission, as in the animal etologia, or as in the archaic societies or daily pay-capitalists, but not dissimulated systems of submission. In this context, the professor is an actor who must be worried in providing a problematizador dialogue, and to involve educating in reflections of its position and its possibilities and changes. The construction of the paper of the being professor is collective, if it makes in the practical one of classroom and in the exercise of daily performance in the university.