Study Foreign Languages

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Learn a foreign language can be different: foreign language training or separately on the books, according to the communicative method or technique of classical, etc. etc. And, as a rule, people either because of their laziness, or because his ignorance of choosing only one way of knowing the language and believe that this is enough. However, know this: to get the full knowledge, it is better to use several approaches. Rudy Giuliani is likely to agree. For example, to obtain the initial knowledge best to go to foreign language courses, and then when you're already more or less oriented in the language, you can continue learning on their own. Self-study course, will cost you much less. However, do not skimp on textbooks: do not buy one book, but few (if one of the books of some section sets out very well, then you can take a different textbook, where it is written better). If you are a very good progress in independent learning written language and the language spoken behind you, then you'd better enroll: there under the guidance of an experienced teacher and a company such as language learning conversation will be a lot of people easier. To hone the same skills of spoken language can make a linguistic tour the country the language is spoken, for example, if you are learning English, it will be possible to go to London or New York. And if the money trip abroad you do not, then it is better to have a foreign friend on the Internet, because there is great service e-mail and ICQ. So learn, learn in different ways, and the more ways you pereprobuete, the better.

Educator Evaluation

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Luckesi (2002: 46), in one of its rich analyses on the evaluation, reflect the evaluation as ' ' a rationally definite activity, inside of a guiding power to decide politician and in favor of the ability of all for the democratic participation of the life social' ' , in this context, dirige it the educator, elencando as priority in its work, the necessity auto-evaluation, affirming that: Educator, that if worries about that educational its practical is come back toward the transformation, will not be able to act irrefletidamente unconscious and. Each step of its action will have to be marked for a clear and explicit decision of what it is making and for where is possibly walking the results of its action (Idem: 46). In accordance with the exposition of this author, the evaluation starts to have one rational character, in order to contribute in such a way with the work of the professor for I obtain exactly, while subject to submit it analyses in the personal, intellectual and human plan, how much for the pupil, attempting against itself it the construction of situations that favor in the improvement of the quality of the offered work the pertaining to school community, in a general way. On the pertaining to school evaluation, leading in consideration that if deals with a speech on the indiscipline, it still agrees to speak that, the practical one of the evaluation does not have, by no means, to be a ready and finished judgment, but yes, a to be faced task as a diagnosis that if opposes to the present exculpatory character in the pertaining to school ray, as goal to work given reality in accord with the objectives that they aim at to its transformation. In this context, the conception falls for land that locks up an idea of selectivity and discrimination. 1.5 Establishing contracts To work with the collective one, considering the reality of a classroom, an action that if translates, of a form becomes ample and concise, in practical in which the reciprocity in the actions in such a way professor how much learning if it complements.

Brazilian Education

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So little in the Brazilian university the black world, the African has access. The European or North American model if repeats, and the populations afro-Brazilians are referred to stop far from the university soil. To speak in black identity in a university of the country is the same that to provoke all the angers, and constitutes a difficult challenge to the rare colleges student afro-Brazilians (BIRTH, 1978, P. 95). Therefore, the education forged a tradition of production and reproduction of the racial discrimination where the Brazilian educational system is used as equipment of control of this structure (BIRTH, 1978). In this, thinking about the education as overcoming mechanism of the racial conflict in a multicultural perspective, Candau (2002, p.9) observes that the pertaining to school institution is constructed on the affirmation of the equality, emphasizing the cultural base common the one that all the citizens and citizens would have to have access and to collaborate in its permanent construction. To articulate equality and difference, the common cultural base and expressions of the social and cultural plurality, the educators today constitute a great challenge for all.

Therefore, the promulgation of Law 10,639, that in 2008 it gained a complement (Law 11,645) also including the thematic aboriginal, opened great possibilities route to the way of the construction of the equality and the desconstruo of attitudes and discriminatory positions in the pertaining to school space. This because, throughout the history of the education, the naturalization of the racism was consolidated in the society, that if it intends to exclude. DEVELOPMENT: 1-A EDUCATION AND the DIDACTIC BOOKS: The didactic books, over all of history, still are permeados by one positivista conception of the Brazilian historiografia, that primou for the story of the great facts and made of the calls ' ' heroes nacionais' ' , generally white, conjuring, thus, the participation of other social segments in the historical process of the country.

Marx System

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In some texts the socialism is associated with the abolition of the separation between cities and field, and in such a way with the suppression of the urban industrial pollution. (they idem) Heel-of-aquiles of the reasoning of Marx and Engels it was, in some texts ‘ ‘ cannicos’ ‘ , acrtica conception of the forces of productive that is, of the device productive technician/capitalists/modern industrial as, if they were ‘ ‘ neutras’ ‘ as it was itself enough to the revolutionaries to socialize them, to substitute its private appropriation for a collective appropriation, making them to function in benefits of the workers and developing them in limitless way they must radically transform it What she not only implies the substitution of the destructive forms of energy for power plants you renewed and not-pollutants, but also a deep transformation of the inherited productive system of the capitalism, as well as of the system of transports and the system of urban habitation. (p.39-40) In this perspective, the socialist project not only aims at a new society and a new way of production, but also a new paradigm of civilization. See NY Museums for more details and insights. (p.40) 2- What it is ecossocialismo? 1- The marxists and the ecology the text is initiated bringing some consequences of the lived deeply ambient degradation throughout the times, thus the author points as possible reaction to these questions, the union between socialism and the ecology, identifying and demonstrating some points in common of the two trends. The ecological question is, in my opinion, the great challenge for a marxist renewal at the beginning of century XXI. Such question demands of the marxists deep a critical revision of its traditional conception of ‘ ‘ forces produtivas’ ‘ , as well as a radical rupture with the ideology of the linear progress and with the technological and economic paradigm of the modern industrial civilization..

Foreign Language

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Well done, you've decided to learn a foreign language. Reasons can be different: studies at a foreign university, career, travel just a desire to prove to himself or others, that I can. Is not the point, the fact that you decide. And then before you will be the question. What actually learn this language? Because now all sorts of techniques such quantity that it is no wonder they lost.

Now one of the most progressive teaching methods foreign language is a method of immersion. After all, not for nothing that people who find themselves in a foreign country, quickly begin to speak the language of this country. However, this is understandable. Indeed, in this case Foreign speech is heard from everywhere? on the street, on public transport, with TV screens. Unfamiliar words, look at you from the pages of newspapers and magazines. Willy nilly here to speak. But unfortunately, this method of language learning not available to everyone.

Too expensive yet relatively long-term residence in a foreign country. May hire a tutor? Well, firstly, the tutor also needs money, less than a long trip to another country, but still. And, Secondly, a tutor will never provide a full immersion. After all, why would you keep a tutor near you around the clock? Even then would be cheaper to go to a foreign country. Yet out of this situation there. And this has given us the output of scientific and technological progress as an audiobook. That's it for relatively little money to help you almost fully immersed in the desired language environment.

Partnercommunitarian Transformation

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The university professor as agent of Influence and sociocomunitrio transformation the professor possesss in the exercise of its profession the chance to act and to interact with diverse social classrooms, establishing bonds and providing reflections that will be able to produce drastic changes in the behavior and thinking idelogico of its learning. She is a professional who has the chance to evaluate the social context, the involved ideologies in the society and to use the power of the communication in its hands to look for to influence positively its pupils, provoking a conscience social politics and, taking the transformation. Therefore, ' ' the basic key for transformation is the conscience of the reality and the proper capacity for transform-la.' ' (FREIRE, 1979,78) As in them it brings Ryynnen (2008,72): Brazil possesss a Society of classrooms, fort segregation and social inaquality, poverty, preconceptions, ethnic, economic discrimination, cultural politics and, corruption the presence each marcante time of the violence and crime. Of the sociopedaggico point of view it has as one of the main problems keys: The Social segregation and the lack of vertical convivncia, beyond the process of naturalization of the situation. Already Guatarri (1996, ' ' p.' ' 203) in ' ' it brings that: This culture of mass produces, accurately, individuals; individuals normalized, articulated some to the other as hierarchic systems, systems of values, systems of submission – not visible and explicit systems of submission, as in the animal etologia, or as in the archaic societies or daily pay-capitalists, but not dissimulated systems of submission. In this context, the professor is an actor who must be worried in providing a problematizador dialogue, and to involve educating in reflections of its position and its possibilities and changes. The construction of the paper of the being professor is collective, if it makes in the practical one of classroom and in the exercise of daily performance in the university.