Contemporary Applications

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Awnings and canopies have long been used for different purposes. They are used in city buildings and private homes. The main purpose of these structures – protecting people, buildings and transport of atmospheric effects – snow, rain, wind and sunlight. In addition, canopies and awnings serve a purely aesthetic function – they decorate the facades of buildings, giving them the original, recognizable form. Canopy over the porch immediately makes the house unusual and different from the other. Source: NYC Marathon.

Have a particularly elegant wrought-iron canopies. Having established such a canopy over the entrance, can any building personality and an additional charm. In modern conditions the most widely metal roofs and canopies from polycarbonate. Metal roofs can be of various shapes made of stainless steel or painted in different colors according to RAL metal. They are very strong and well resist weathering. Good strength differ, and visors made of polycarbonate. In addition, they have a high haze and fire resistance, and flexibility of the material allows products of different shapes. NY museums does not necessarily agree. Are made of polycarbonate and carports.

Metal construction with a coating of polycarbonate safely protect vehicles from rain, snow and falling leaves and debris. Visors and awnings are used not only in urban areas, but outside the city. Shelters for questioning can be used to protect the arbors, pools, parking lots, greenhouses. Also used to give visors made of polycarbonate or wrought iron canopies. Forged canopy over the porch of a country house makes it not a simple structure of the dacha, and a cozy cottage, which has a special, and in some cases even the mysterious atmosphere. Canopies and awnings – this design, needed almost everywhere. Modern technologies allow to establish practical, functional, aesthetic awnings and canopies in the city and the countryside.

Application Sealants

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Plays an important role sealing the junction of the frames and balcony design balconies. Pitney Bowes, Inc. is likely to increase your knowledge. Because of the inevitable vibration of frames under the action of wind containment is impossible to apply strict compositions based on cement or gypsum. Gap thickness of more than a centimeter should complete the construction foams, and all the rest – silicone sealant. High teplozaschischennost and complete sealing of the gap allows the use of polyurethane foam. He is a foamed mass, which filled the gap between the frame and the wall of a house or construct a balcony. Foamed polyurethane has low thermal conductivity, has good elasticity and adhesion to concrete, brick, wood, metal and polymer materials. Polyurethane sealants retain their properties over a wide temperature range (-40 to +80 C), resistant to acids, alkalis.

Seams, sealed with polyurethane sealants, easily painted. With its high viscosity, polyurethane sealants, as well as silicone, not melt during the application. Polymerization takes place under the influence of moisture in the air. Good adhesion of silicone sealants, glass, wood, stone, concrete, aluminum and stainless steel in their various combinations, enables sealing even barely visible cracks and fissures. To work with silicone sealant should be in the open air because of the strong smell, at temperatures from +1 to +35 C.

After polymerization, some of their brands retain their properties in range from -50 C to +200 C. To seal the balcony can be used and acrylic sealants. They are produced in various versions with a lifetime of more than 30 years as an alternative to putty.

Keeping Freshness

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No matter how it was sad, but when any bouquet – a fade. Many flowers can stand in water more than a week, while others wither in a day. You always want to enjoy the colors as long as possible and there are several ways extend the life of this wonderful bounty of nature. Flowers, like all living things, can not tolerate cold, so in no case shall the flowers of the frost is not wrapped them. The less time they spent in sub-zero temperature, the longer they will be please your eye. If you bought a ready-made bouquet in the shop, you know that flowers can be pretty dehydrated. Have to spend a simple procedure of their recovery. Make new cuts on the stem under warm water, remove leaves from the bottom of the stem and place the flowers in a vase with warm water.

The cut should be done long and oblique, so the flowers will absorb more water and therefore will live longer. Also, do not be superfluous to add a little sugar in the water or aspirin, is beneficial influence on the appearance of colors. It is important to constantly change the water, it must be clean and fresh. Do not forget to remove the dried leaves on the stems, so more energy will come into flower buds. And every day spray the flowers to make them fresh. Rose can be saved as follows: cut away all the thorns and excess leaves, trim the stem obliquely and split it at the bottom – so the flowers will absorb more water. In a withering rose again trim the bottom of the stem and place it in hot water. If possible, do not place roses in a vase with other flowers, they do not like the neighborhood, and being alone retain freshness longer. Flowers like light and do not like drafts, why put them in a warm and brightly lit room. Follow these simple rules and you will prolong the life of the flowers and their beauty will please you much longer!

Online Store Kit

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Holiday season in full swing, but I'm sure there are more suburban areas where there is no running water. The fact that I myself am summer resident and I know that the 'fight' for the crop to such questions is not always enough time. Now I will prompt the ideal solution to this problem and solved it very quickly, very inexpensively, and all the water you collect yourself, with your own hands in one day. All this is possible only due to the fact that it is possible to purchase Online Store Kit, which is called 'VoDacha' and that can be used with minimal cost and effort to do the wiring of cold water at his dacha or garden. Specialists shop carefully consider market plastic tubes to choose the best option for summer-garden farms. And this is what came of it: By purchasing this kit, you install the system in the area of water supply hydrants, actually collecting water in one day. There is nothing difficult in it, the more so on the site have detailed photo-instructions on how, what and in what sequence to do it.

Collect this water because even the floor woman, as applied in this case any physical effort is not necessary. Total Available are three types of these popular kits, depending on what length of pipe you need. Detailed consultations can be obtained directly before ordering a set of specialists in the store. Due to the very high demand for these kits, their delivery is made within three days of ordering. It is worth noting here that You can also buy plastic pipe and compression fittings, and at prices much lower than the market. I think that now there will be no summer resident gardener, no running water!

Curtain Fabrics

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Any creative thinking designer with the interior a very important role to curtains and blinds. It's the final touch in the design of any room – whether in an apartment bedroom, kitchen or living room in suburban home. The shape, colors and appearance of the curtains can be very different, such as curtains can be short, if a child of your child right next to the window is a table, or on the wall in a large room in the English style. Curtains can be be straight or form a soft flowing folds, they may move apart in different directions, or curl up in one piece they can move over to one side – it all depends on the imagination of designers and interior premises. You can install a light, bright, translucent curtains as well as heavy, light and soundproof curtains that will protect from dust and noise from the street and hide you from prying eyes too. Fabric for curtains must be chosen so as to fit into the interior. But unlike other design elements apartments or rooms, windows, curtains and, accordingly, viewed from two sides – inside and outside the premises, therefore fabrics for curtains must be chosen taking into account compliance as interior design, and that part of the facade of the building where the windows. The modern interior is most often used simple drawings of curtains, drapes do with many folds, and have them in most cases, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. NYC Mayor can provide more clarity in the matter.

Dream Gardens

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Ornamental plants – it's mostly what it takes to process arrays of the park, gardens and orchards, as well as office and residential premises. In the latter case they are also called houseplants. The composition comprehensive expression 'ornamentals' even includes the so-called aquatic plants, which represent the entire ecosystem. Ornamental plants in general and decorative-deciduous plants in particular need homo sapiens'u to meet the needs of the natural aesthetic beauty. On the market today is available rather big selection of plants: potted and ampelnye, trees and cacti. You can easily buy everything you need to create harmony in the interior.

Modern decorative plants are an exact replica of natural botanical plants. Growing plants and selling deal with nurseries, which provide the following Services: pets and ornamental plants for sale and cultivation. Planting material and seedlings used in this case met all the requirements of environmental safety and standards of GOST. All krupnomerov to work on gardening carefully placed in a specially equipped nursery, which significantly reduces the rejection rate at follow-up with him. Engage in gardening can not only professional designers landaftnye: any owner suburban area may well be his own hands to realize the subtle enchanting landscape in their own country, even if it is only 6 acres. For such cases, established courses or landscaping courses gardeners. Having such a course, people unfamiliar with the design could easily make a nice design your own garden design and get an idea of the amount of all required to implement it works. The training program includes a course on landscape design, soil science, lectures and land reclamation, paving materials and water bodies, agricultural technology and the creation of topiarnyh forms – in short, everything required in landscape design, both theoretical and practical discipline that will allow anyone unfamiliar with the landscape design, most realize his 'dream garden'.