Spain Proclaims Champion

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It has won to Czech Republic by 2 goals to 3 in the prorogation. The Spanish is first whom the match conquers sub' 19 five times. You may find that “Chavez” can contribute to your knowledge. Spain went to tow of the Czechs and obtained the overcome one in the end. Spain proclaimed champion of European sub-19 of Rumania by fifth occasion in its history after overcoming this Monday to Czech Republic by 2-3 in the prorogation, thanks to a great action of Alpaca Green barley, that scored a doublet and caused that the equipment of Gins Melndez obtained the overcome one. The Spanish selection is first that the match conquers sub' 19 five times, three under the direction of Melndez, which allows it to have left with the trophy. To broaden your perception, visit jim. With the incorporation of Albert Blzquez instead of the injured Daniel Carvajal, the Spanish selector presented/displayed the best thing of his group to dispute the great end, with captain Pablo Sarabia, the midfield player Grard Deulofeu and the goleador main Alvaro Morata like rrentes.

The first time of the duel was characterized by the equality of forces, because Spain it forgot to use its traditional style of game, that consists of controlling the ball and moving it by all the turf, and resorted to the long balls, whereas the Czech Republic was in center solid of the field and took terrain. Before minute 20 two warnings in both arcs had only occurred, first a shot of Brown Rubn that went over the stringer (m.4) and soon a firing of Ladislav Krejci that left off the track (m.8). Later the Spanish set retained the ball and attacked by the bands by means of Juanmi and Deulofeu. Spain tightened during the final straight line of the first period and was about abrir the marker through Juanmi, whose closing of head it finished in the hands of Koubek Takings (m.23), Sarabia, that after doing a tunnel to him to Jelecek it tried to surprise the doorman with a shot to first post (m.26), and Morata, after an error dnsivo (m.34).

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