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Only the obligation, then the pleasure! Berlin (January 19, 2011) nothing is today more important than ever that young adolescent teen attend a good school and start a training or studies. In today’s society many factors play a significant role, who once going which way and who also may be missing this. An incentive to give the young, are intensively its future to deal with and to apply for an apprenticeship or studies the Academy for vocational training and Freebird travel have teamed up, a help in this crucial stage of life to be the young people. Show prospects how open doors I apply correctly? What do I wear to a job interview? In which training establishments can I apply? Many questions young people today in their choice for a training position. Since 1997, the Academy for vocational training gGmbH leads the theoretical and practical training for many occupations in the dual system and the vollzeitschulische vocational training through. Currently, there are the AFBB nationwide in six locations: Dresden, Chemnitz, Leipzig, Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main. Every year you trained more than 2,000 young people together with companies in 24 career directions.

The specifics of the training is job-specific qualifications, such as business English, international marketing or international law, and an annual internship in the English-speaking – a concept on a high quality level. “Stimulate young people to travel go the current economic situation is not optimal, to provide a professional perspective every young adolescent”, as Michael Kaatsch, marketing manager of Freebird travel. Yet the incentive to give the young people, to try to start the direct route from a training school, we want to make out a voucher all trainees who start your apprenticeship in 2011 about the AFBB, to go with us in the summer of 2011, once again on travel. before the serious of any trainees”, as Mr Kaatsch. Aim of the joint cooperation, young people to enable a bonus is to in the summer once again far off future everyday life the Sun, the sea and the beach to enjoy. Sign contract and the apprenticeship contract is signed in the South and the youth travel to go already.

It can be so easy Marketing Manager was delighted Michael Kaatsch about the joint initiative with the AFBB, and adds in the same breath add but unfortunately with more effort connected as you hoped. Therefore you shouldn’t never hang your head, if it receives first more cancellations and not positive the first response. Training job search and travel, he smiles pondering this one should give all his future has everyone in the hand. Our youth travel fun, it’s here:

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