Professor Don Luis

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And I know both families for many years – said Victor salon lamp began to move, as if a gust of air had crept through the window, the funny thing, is that all the Windows were closed. -One of them is here – explained the Professor Don Luis – Si – said Victor I was paralyzed by fear when he began to hear as scratches on the wall. Little by little, returned to receive another message: helps the child. -What does mean? -I asked we were to remain unanswered. We were waiting for us a good time. It didn’t happen anything. It could be said that afternoon went on, although he didn’t specify what exact time was.

Victor didn’t watch. And had stopped to Professor don Luis the clock, also. I left them. And I headed towards my house. I felt that he had exploited sufficiently well the day. Finally, I knew what made anyone journalist in Dorian, what kinds of hypotheses obsesionaban to Professor don Luis and mysteries were hiding inside the House located on the street Luis mine. In the light of the Sun, raised me to meet me with Victor and Professor don Luis again, but before, I thought I would go to the shop of Fermina. -Good morning, Fermina – greeted it -Good morning, Sandra – answer me – what about this? How are we today? -Well, although it is the fourth day that I am here and still not know what time it is.

Could you tell me the time? -asked – Ehh if. They are twelve and ten – I responded I was looking at her stunned when he answered me that they were twelve and ten. It was the same time that gave me the previous day. – Do you think something, Sandra? -He added – No. Only that I am glad that the clock – work I answered – until tomorrow certainly, without doubt, the fact that the clocks of all who lived in Dorian were unemployed responded to a common cause, and if everything was due to a common cause such as a magnetic or electric field, or by ionization of the air,.

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