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In the paraguayito jokes, this always comes out profitable. SOMO capable of anything. We won even experience, but we always win the patience and perseverance there is no trouble I i mboguataha kure, says a ne enga. Another sentence mbeguekatu mboi jo ope. Another manifest Ndache orai aguaseroicha. This introduction by the enga ne, we are associated with another of the qualities of the Paraguayan: his extraordinary patience. It holds everything.

Inside, the heavy rainfalls closed down roads for several days, and the Paraguayan simply reacts with an mba eipiko jajapota. On the other hand, that patience becomes manifest in its own activities, including handicrafts. So for example, the preparation of the nanduti, ao po i, etc., are tasks that require a resolute and firm spirit since they are works that take a long time and demonstrate the punctilious patience that adorns the idiosyncrasies of the Paraguayan. The notion of the time for the Paraguayan time does not exist. It is able to start something before the time or after the hour, but never on time. Time does not exist for the Paraguayan.

When one asks someone what time it is, the response in Guarani will not be waiting with an asajema or inipytuma. This asajema can be 11, 12 or 13, but will never be on time something like the 12 hours, 20 minutes, 10 seconds, which is what we need as a response – in Western society. I never forget an anecdote. It occurred to me in the area of the Guaira, where for lack of bus I had to stay overnight at the home of some friends. Bedtime the housewife me pregunto mba piko rehota hour, replied ahase niko ikaturo six, and Lady said I upeicharo niko rehota at dawn. I returned him to insist the six ahase Niko and me she returned to say has the niko upeicharo rehota Alba.

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