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We do not claim to know the answers to all these questions. But they must be the starting point of any serious investigation. If they are, not from the outset admitted in the American media, then only a cover-up may come out like in the countless official “investigations” of the attacks of September 11. The editorial is typical in this respect, the New York Times on Saturday with the headline “Why do they not see it?” The article swallows the representation, the intelligence services and the bureaucracy of the Department of Homeland Security had been unable, merge the information about Abdulmutallab. “Without a doubt the crawling of mountains of information and the decision is what urgent is, and what is worth to be pursued, a real challenge”, commented the times.

“Nevertheless it is unbelievable and frightening at the same time that is the Government unable to update information at least as quickly as Google and merge.” It is true, it is literally incredible that not to believe. And it is less likely to believe that the editor of the times itself. You are but prevented by the informal, but practically full self-censorship of the capitalist media in the United States because to say that out loud. During several appearances in the Sunday Obama’s Chief Adviser for counter-terrorism at the White House, the former CIA operative John Brennan, said morning programs of the television station the data processing methods of the American Government were at least as good as those from Google and Amazon. But only the more it begs the question: who has the decision to let the plane enter Abdulmuttalab? At the weekend, additional information in the invaded Media making an innocent explanation for this decision still unbelievable. The Washington Post quoted a “cousin of the family” with reference to the following note from Abdulmuttalabs father on the U.S.

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