Mr Wowereit: We Don

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\”\” \”Tempelhof Airport: new petition launched Action Alliance was founded in early 2008 and consists of the individual initiatives Pro Temple Court, Tempelhof to be world heritage\” and the initiative SPD voters for the Tempelhof airport! \” Some individuals were added to the date of incorporation. The Action Alliance at this stage has grown to quite a few supporters, who want to and can not reconcile with the closure. In the discussion of Tempelhof, the decision was taken to build political pressure with a referendum on the Senate, but to identify a durable solution. Due to the recent media reports, we would explicitly clarify that the petition referendum is no remake of ICAT and not with the aim of a traffic airport. When the petition concerns the authentic preservation of historical monument of Tempelhof and the appointment to the world cultural heritage. To create an economic base, the use should focus on one Focus function as Government, rescue and alternate airport. This eliminates any conceivable risk of BBI.

A risk which in addition at all does not exist, if one actually reads through the authoritative judgment of the Handelshof. There is no viable to use concepts on the part of the Senate until today, although the Senate before the referendum were other pronouncements about, so statements of Mrs. Senator Junge-Reyer show among other things very clearly, that the Senate in the past, present or future has a reasonable and serious approach to the airport. Flat and build\”is no solution. \”We have a concept: the historical monument received Tempelhof airport and protect as a living cultural heritage\”. Tempelhof was the first commercial airport in the world and its architecture is still a role model. As the statue of liberty for Germany\”(as raisin bomber pilot Gail Halvorsen) Tempelhof stands for a turning point in the history of Germany and Europe.

Barack Obama Visited Airbase Berlin-Tempelhof

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Barack Obama is still the airport Tempelhof – before it disappears from the map of the world. After Barack Obama has apart also out of consideration for Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit by a speech at Tempelhof, he will visit now expected the historic site within the framework of his tour of Berlin. The extended discussion in advance of the visit of US Prasidentschaftskanditats Barack Obama has once again moved the Tempelhof airport in the center of the world and see what he really is: A monument to the history of the world. Nobody has aptly expressed this as the legendary raisin bomber pilot Gail Halvorsen as he said a few months ago “a monument to the freedom we have in America, that means ‘Statue of Liberty’. NY museums helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. I think Tempelhof is the ‘statue of liberty’ for Germany. The freedom of in Germany began in 1948 and 49 in Tempelhof.

“.” Volker Perplies from the initiative for Tempelhof to be world heritage: “the Nazi era ended finally with Tempelhof and the airlift and the basis for a new, free” Germany created. Here laid the foundation stone of the freedom of Berlin, Germany and Europe. Here, the allies – especially Americans – in Tempelhof have shown that war opponents could become real friends. “And by the way, Tempelhof is also the oldest commercial airport in the world, the”mother of all airports”(Star architect Sir Norman Forster), the world’s third largest building and like no other place Center of the cold war.” All of this can be seen as authentic even today”, so Perplies next. Such locations of history will receive as “National monuments” in any other country. Not so in Berlin. Against the fierce resistance of citizens, Bundespoltik, economy, society and cultural the Senate of Berlin has decided to let the airport forever disappear from the world map. Officially, this is done because of “legal risks for the construction of the new airport Berlin (BBI)”.

Unofficial Mayor Klaus Wowereit bends the thus likely Wish his coalition partners, the left party as a successor to the former East German State party SED. “, says Karl Helmut E. Zermin Michael Paul; Action Alliance in the recent referendum to preserve Tempelhof had made clear Wowereit in advance, how he sees the situation. No matter how the result turns out, he would be made anyway not. As a result, 60% of Berlin for receiving voted then, turnout was however successfully reduced under the necessary quorum. “Instead of the world-famous Tempelhof it is so a ‘sea of meadows” with residential and commercial areas give.”Paul says further. The hope of Tempelhof-friends rest well on that but yet the Federation speaks a word of power. Unlike the usual monument in the city, Tempelhof is a monument of national and international significance. Tempelhof in any way satisfies to this left to the whims of local politics alone. People from all over the world for a world heritage contact on the Web site of Tempelhof A Tempelhof – Meanwhile, thousands of people have called the Federal State and the land of Berlin to receive.

The Dianetics

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Millions of people around the world feel inspired, enriched, and personally touched to the core by Hubbard. Hubbard was a well known author and traveller already in the 1930s and 40s. 1950 focused also the looks of a global public on him, as he be masterpiece “Dianetics: A Guide to the human mind” released. Here a viable solution to the problems of the human mind was set out for the first time, that the root cause of crime, madness, wars and other forms of irrationality could be fixed. The Dianetics also offered a completely, systematized procedure, that could apply to anyone and can to help himself and his fellow men a significant improvement.

Their exceptional value realized also Dr. Frederick L. Schumann, Professor of political science at Williams College in Massachusetts, as he shortly after the release of the book in the United States and the United Kingdom in the New York Times wrote: “the story happened to a race between Dianetics and catastrophe. The Dianetics will win, when in time a sufficiently large number of people will be prompted to understand them.” With Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard had the mystery of the human Mind comprehensible solved, many old questions of thousands of years the true nature of man, his ‘self’, – the riddle of life ever – remained unanswered. From Hubbard’s methodical and thorough research in this area – the spiritual nature of man – the religion arose Scientology. She made it possible for people to access not only to a fulfilled life, greater capabilities and higher consciousness, but also practical methods, provided a seemingly hopeless social problems such as drug abuse, impairment and illiteracy in the handle. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V. On behalf of the Scientology Church Germany e.V. contact: Jurg Stettler the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-27817732, mobile: 0178-5456300 eMail: WEB:

Preserve World Heritage Temple Of Justice.

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Chancellor, your plan is also my plan, if you leave the historic Tempelhof airport. “Ronald Reagan at Tempelhof airport on german said at the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the airlift on May 14, 1998: Berlin is still Berlin!” U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama will visit the Tempelhof and the airlift monument during his city tour through Berlin. Tempelhof is as historic site so deservedly the focus of world attention. Tempelhof airport is a monument to the history of the world.

Nobody has aptly expressed this as the legendary raisin bomber pilot Gail Halvorsen as he said a few months ago “a monument to the freedom we have in America, that means ‘Statue of Liberty’. I think Tempelhof is the ‘statue of liberty’ for Germany. “The freedom of Germany began in 1948 and 49 in Tempelhof”. Michael Paul, the Action Alliance “against the fierce resistance of citizens, federal politics and culture of the Senate of Berlin has but decided to leave the airport forever disappear from the world map. “Officially this is done due to”legal risks for the construction of new airports in Berlin (BBI).”unofficial Mayor Klaus Wowereit bows to the wishes of his coalition partner, the left party as a successor to the former East German State party SED so likely”, so Paul continues. Volker Perplies from the “Initiative Tempelhof to be world heritage”: “on the Web pages and people from all over the world committed but now for the”World Heritage airport Tempelhof”and the further receipt.

Now over 7000 people from home and abroad have called the Federal State and the land of Berlin to preserve Tempelhof as a world cultural heritage.” Karl Helmut E. Zermin, a resident of the airport: “all waiting now that Chancellor Merkel finally speaks a word of power. “And Barack Obama in his speech at the victory column, so Zermin, says:” Chancellor, your plan is also my plan, if Get the historic airport Tempelhof”details of Obama’s visit to Tempelhof are reasons not yet announced. However, it is expected that the U.S. presidential candidate, Mr. Obama, about will – arrive between 16:00 and 18:30 o’clock there so a good opportunity to meet him personally. The ICAT Office will be open at this time. Signature sheets for the cultural heritage of Tempelhof in German or English language there at: media/aufruf.

Sodom And Hannover

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Schroder, Kassmann, Wulff – Hanover royal? How dare them to Hanover? Kropke? Maschsee? VW? Pedestrian zone? Exciting anyway, rather not, rather – of course in the best sense – a certain innocence, solidity, maybe even a little boredom? In Hannover, called not only the clearest High German; No, the city is in a sense almost paradigmatic for post-war Germany: one there conscientiously pursues his work, drives Volkswagen and nowhere to provoke in the best case. Hanover is nice, so the idea; in a sense a suburban Idyll in the city tailoring. Kolscher cabal? Munich crowd? Frankfurt fraternity? No, not here – so we thought a long time. Schroder, Kassmann, Wulff – Hanover royal? Then a Social Democrat named Gerhard Schroder to the post of Hanoverian land his father applied and clip about how attentive observers. Since political home stories were suddenly published in the “Star”; settled with the candidate photographed waving hair threesome ride in the open Audi convertible. Was that still Hannover? It was quite obvious.

And as said Mr Schroder then traded Hanover with Berlin as the seat, were suddenly all puzzled about how this social democratic province Prince had good contacts in the aristocracy and large industry. These were, so we read now, more or less the same people which is also Federal Minister Wulff among his friends and supporters. Hanover royal, so to speak. Cunning and brutally in the meantime Mr Schroder has a League and has friends in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. While he was but politically wise enough, only after his defeated openly in the twilight to go, Hanover became a problem for others. First Margot Kassmann forgot for a night seemingly, she came a curious public to their great notoriety and popularity only with help. Artful Hanover took her sweet misleading sense of Unantastbarkeits (also a Schroder domain), to then brutally in person of a good cops back on the hard floor of the ban to get back.

The end of a career. Wulff Guttenberg’sche excuse me the feeling of being able to allow much, seems to have induced even Christian Wulff, his rising star House is not with Schwabisch Hall, but with the help of Hanover money grandees to finance. Again, Hanover had weighed a safe which – political sense was this amazing little in contrast to Schroder -. That Wulff now expected droughts excuse what happens almost Guttenberg Boolean with one is due mainly the State of the Grand Coalition, who can afford not a dropout in the Office of the Federal President. Hannover but smiles unmoved. Maybe it is already planning the next case. Andreas Kellner…

Logic As A Power – And Exploitation Means And Methods. (81)

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Companies and their most efficient instruments of power. You want something urgently? I recently got in a group, which Zusammenhalt is based on faith rather than knowledge, following response to my request to wish-fulfillment: ask (God) and also believe it (that it get.) then you’ll get it (maybe). I noticed right away that I chance the ass pulled. So argue dictatorships and fools of any culture! Here, the natural analog conscience and natural reason digital manipulation is abused. The case of practice: I get it, I’m a good person and God rewarded me. I don’t get it then the time is not yet ripe.

Or I’m a bad person. Or I do not strongly believe enough to get it, etc., etc. as God wage wish-fulfillment. A European competition of ideas. Evangelical world: develop your most important wish, also see troubles! Catholic World: fulfill your wish by all means, even with work! And so It works: you need money? Ask God for a good job.

Even when she at the age of 70 and are without profession or overqualified. Are you sick? Ask God for the health. Even if you are 80 years old. There are no disadvantages, for divine reasons, supposedly. Always, they are themselves to blame! And your conscience confirms such statements. Because it was created by those that it uses. But is false: someone looking for one (1) Office Assistant. It three hundred (300) apply. Episode: One with a good conscience and 299 with a guilty conscience: how parties work religions, sects, so to manipulate people. The case of the logic that there are gods, an unproven assumption is in all religions. Please I now believe man-made God (over-man of human meta level) to my wish-fulfillment is logically wrong but logical and plausible. Logic is the study of the accuracy of the result. Here are in logical sentences between premises and conclusion with regard to truth and falsehood following conditions: true true (logical and plausible): If all the cats mammals and all mammals are vertebrates (premises), so all the cats are vertebrates (conclusion/conclusion).