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His literary universe encompasses the jungle, time of a dictatorship or a friendship, infamy and the game, injustice and a desert love adolescent and early perversity, a murder and a siege; its narrative universe is life from the magnificent recreation that allows literature. Always welcome the Nobel, welcome more warmly because comes to America, our America… He says the country. com in this regard, that, beyond or nearer that literature always rooted in reality to be raised like a beacon on the past and the future, Mario Varga Llosa never has departed look about their country and their continent. It has thought about, dreamed of, discussed and reinvented. He loves with passion their continent. He has fought with him, he has reconciled and has enjoyed. Then an ABC on Latin America extracted from his book Dictionary of Latin America (Paidos) lover.

But earlier, a summary of what has been written about two key people in his literary career, as recognized today in New York: his agent Carmen Balcells, and who was your editor, Carlos Barral. The fact that Peru, Inca land, must feel very proud that the the current Prix Nobel 2010 was born Vargas Llosa has pointed out about it, I am a writer, I’m also a citizen, I have ideas, values, but I also have civic, and political ideas he said yesterday at a press conference in New York. The policy was always present in the writer’s life until, in 1990, to stand as a candidate for the Presidency of Peru, which lost in the second round, against Alberto Fujimori. The current President of Peru, Alan Garcia, who was a political rival of the writer, said yesterday about the Nobel Prize: it is a huge day for the Peru, it is a day of joy, even for those not dark with Mario. Reminds us Varga Llosa in an opportunity, what said about Lima that when when I met her I started to stop being boy and is a city that I hated from the first moment, because I was quite unfortunate in it.

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