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All go through difficult times, we can not avoid it; However, must always mental tools at hand that allow us to cope with those moments in the best way possible, since another way could end up falling into despair and, in extreme cases, our desperation could lead to fatal consequence. As well as one need certain tools to fix a machine that breaks down, we need also certain tools to compose ourselves. Below I will share with you some basic tools so that we can learn to stay positive even in the moments of greatest adversity. Try and internalize them in the best possible way, then they will see that well worth a little effort. Keep us positive really is a kind of art that we must learn to handle. It may not at first be somewhat complicated, but with a little discipline, practice and perseverance, will be able to be really optimistic people, and, therefore, we will be able of stay positive even in the hardest moments of adversity. Who not has spent that suddenly seems that there has been a strange conspiracy so that everything goes wrong? We lose the work, ensuing economic problems, we suffered a breakup, the betrayal of someone we loved much, we get sick or even suffer the irreparable loss of their loved ones. We are not free from this sort of thing; to succeed us they are part of life and sometime, it will sooner or later, we play live them; However, not we can let us defeat, since our mission in life is to be happy and, of course, can suffer slippages at certain times, but always must raise us and look forward.

Although it sounds redundant or contradictory, the only battle that we can lose is that we are not willing to win. Everything depends on us. Well, saying this I offer the promised tools. See more detailed opinions by reading what shimmie horn offers on the topic.. .

Chief Technology Officer

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It surely controls publications with the existing content and job streams (to review and to approve) integrated. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bill de Blasio. Less tools and less errors: when integrating the social publication in the central tool of contents and collaboration of a company, are needed less specific tools for each social network and the possible errors are reduced when copying and to beat in external tools. System more intuitive to facilitate the inclusion of new users Alfresco 4 offers a system simpler and adapted the end user, so that it is to him easier to use it. A related site: NY Museums mentions similar findings. The new functions, destined to increase the productivity of the users, include: Simplicity to drag and to place: it only has to drag and to place the archives or to move them in the navigators with HTML5. Compatibility improved with video, audio and documents of Creative Suite Adobe and iWork of Apple: direct previsualization and extraction of metadatos, now available with more types of file. Social functions: it follows creators of contents influential or it clicks in likes Me in its favorite content.

Collaboration in the cloud: it uses integration with Google Docs to collaborate in direct. Compatibility with moving bodies: new gratuitous applications for iOS, already in iTunes, and continuous compatibility with standards WebDAV and CMIS for the new uses of moving bodies. Capacity of extension: for developer and partners, the interface Web of Alfresco is now much more easy to extend and to adapt. Information on Alfresco Software Alfresco is the platform leader in the management of social contents. With near 2000 clients in more 55 countries, Alfresco is the abierta platform in which more people trust to manage contents worldwide. Count with more than 250 Partners at world-wide level, a very active community of open code and clients like Home Depot, Michelin and the Philharmonic one of New York; the ecosystem of Alfresco takes the innovation to all the planet. Alfresco, with soothes central in London and main offices in the United States (Atlanta) and Australia (Sidney), was founded on 2005 by a group of pioneers in the management of contents, among them, John Newton, President and CTO (Chief Technology Officer), and John Powell, CEO. In order to obtain more data, it visits Note: If it wishes more information on this one or other notes of press, can be put in contact with: Sea Borque & Associates, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Tel 93 241 1819. email: Web:

Meridians And Collaterals Concept And Training

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Concept and formation of the system of meridians and the concept of meridians and collaterals Colaterales meridians (Jing) and collateral (Luo) are the routes by which the Qi and blood circulation.These form a specific network that communicates with the internal organs and extremities, and connects the top to the bottom and the outside to the inside of the body.The meridians are the main channels of the system and run along the body inside of it.The collateral are the branches of meridians and run transversely from the meridians either inside or just below the surface of the body.Seen that they are distributed throughout the body, meridians and collaterals linking the Zang-Fu with other organs, the holes in the body, skin, muscles and bones. Both meridians and collateral they harnessed the body into an organic whole to carry out the various activities of the Agency. CThe composition of the meridians and colateralesEl system of meridians system consists of the twelve meridians main and curious eight vessels or extraordinary meridians, as well as the associated parties, i.e. twelve divergent channels, twelve tendino-muscular meridians, and twelve cutaneous regions. There are twelve regular meridians: the three yin meridians of the hand, three Meridian Yin’s foot, the three yang meridians of the hand, and the three yang meridians of the foot.The twelve regular meridians are called since they are the main ways by which move the Qi and blood.The twelve regular meridians begin and end at specific sites, run along the marked routes and found and interwoven in a specific sequence.These are also associated with each of the Zang-Fu organs.While they say that there are twelve regular meridians, in fact, these twelve meridians are duplicated when they are symmetrically on both sides of the body.There are eight extraordinary meridians or curious vessels: namely, Du, Ren, Chong, Dai, Yinqiao, Yangqiao, Yinwei and Yangwei meridians.The eight extraordinary meridians are intertwined with the twelve meridians regular, thus helping to strengthen the communication and adjustment between them.The eight extraordinary meridians are not directly related to any of the internal organs.


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Claydite does not decay and rust, having the best properties of both wood and synthetic stone. NY Museums often says this. Claydite characterized by good insulation parameters. Different kinds of tests of expanded clay gravel, is a placeholder, which were conducted by research institutes have shown that the use of expanded clay makes it possible to reduce heat loss by more than 75 percent of primary-zanolnitel keramsit concrete block-npodykt obzhiga vsnychivayuschixsya nopod clay. Claydite is nlotny, kpynnonopisty and nopizipovanny, and no-naznacheniyu tenloizolyatsionny, constructive and tenloizolyatsionny konctpyktivny. For ctpoitelstva usually icnolzyyut blocks constructive tenloizolyatsionnogo keramsit.

Like any other type of concrete, not claydite gopit not npomokaet, ne noddaetcya rot. Claydite obladaet low tenlonpovodnostyu: pocciyskix in climatic conditions no nopmam doctatochno Shout in a number of ystanavlivat bloki of concrete with expanded clay in the form of bricks or cubes-nemalovazhen tot the fact that the blocks of ctpoitelctvo keramsit otnocitcya to so quickly to nazyvaemomy, ie vyctroennaya kopobka should not stand and okonchiv ocnovnye construction work, you can also tyt nepexodit to finish. Kpome of claydite legko sochetaetcya all dpygimi ctpoitelnymi matepialami (kipnich, reinforced concrete, depevo, etc.). Trim houses of keramsit often shtykatypkoy and color, vnpochem not vozbpanyaetsya litsevoy kipnich vinilovy or siding. In covpemennom construction icnolzyyut not tolko clean blocks of keramsit, Nr and sandwich konstruktsii on THEIR osnove, nanpimep eco-blocks. Ppednriyatiyami vynyckayutcya nryamye, angular, and balochnye tenlobloki keramsit of that opportunity daet cobipat house nodobno konctryktopy.

Each eco-block npedctavlyaet coboy nipog, no edge-kotopogo claydite (thickness, 90 mm), a role-npocloyki tenloizolyatsii vynolnyaet nolictipol (the thickness of the filling of 120 or 170 mm depending From mapki block). Thus, the total thickness of keramsit cteny not npevyshaet 45 cm (thickness of 300 units vynyckayutcya, 350, 400 and 450 mm). Ppevocxodnye ekologicheskie properties of blocks and panels of insulation caused keramsit kachestvom costavlyayuschix matepialov:-concrete, and nenonolictipol going to izgotovleniya blokov, ochen legkie; their nopictaya stpyktupa, on the one hand, nozvolyaet materials (a sledovatelno, and home) dyshat and c-dpygoy zatpudnyaet npotsess tenloobmena is between tenlym vozdyxom Houses and cold streets.

Comand Center Meeting

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In times of otimizao, rationalization and reduction of costs. The eighth edition of the event will be carried through in the Hotel Caesar So Paulo Business So Paulo Av., 2181. The Frum de Gerenciamento Corporative eGovernana goes to debate the current world-wide economic scene and the soluesadotadas ones for the companies to reduce costs, to optimize, to rationalize and increases productivity at crisis moments. The event goes to congregate 130 profissionaisentre Ruttings, directors and managers of diverse segments of the economy, commerce, energy, government, industry, outsourcing, telecommunications etc. At the current moment, the caution conducts odirecionamento of the investments in YOU. The maintenance of systems legacies is umamaneira sufficiently efficient to reduce costs and to guarantee the efficiency and expansodestas tools, comments Jose Miranda Luiz, president of the Transformare.

Between the most significant decurrent benefits automatized datransformao of systems legacies is the 40% reduction 60% notempo of execution of the technological evolution; the unification of dediferentes legacies platforms and the generation of documentation technique online in formatoweb, making possible the analysis of impact and reduction of the maintenance costs, affirm the executive. Research of market indicates that 60%a 70% of the general expenses of YOU enters comes of activities of maintenance. Danny Meyer is a great source of information. In 2001, osgastos with update and maintenance of great servers they had consumed US$ 130bilhes, according to consultoria IDC. Up to the 2010, expectation it is that billions arrive the US$250. Therefore, the increase of the useful life and the productivity of legadosurge as the solution for who does not want or it cannot spend in the acquisition denovos systems. The Transformare possuiatualmente six offers based on automatized processes of documentation eevoluo of legacies: – Plant of Documentation: automatic documentation with possibility of periodic update. – Plant of Improvements: work focado in the otimizao of code.

– Otimizao de Fbrica deTestes: directed service to extend the productivity of tests of new sistemasatuais and. – Auditorship of Plant deSoftware: automation of the calculation of the effort and analysis of impact demanuteno and modernization of systems. – Acceleration of Implantaode Systems of Support: reduction of the necessary effort for implantation of sistemasde support to the decision, the example of Business Intelligence (BI), BusinessPerformance Management (BPM) and implementation of SOUNDS. – Acceleration of the Process deEvoluo of Systems: reduction of the effort necessary to evolve to emodernizar systems. Confiraa programming of the event 8 IT Command Center Meeting In times deotimizao, rationalization and Local reduction of costs: Hotel Caesar So Paulo Business So Paulo (SP) 19 of August Wednesday of 8h to 20h30 20 of August