The Wizard

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In tarot rolls that are made today, the major arcana are used as a method of divination. One of the major arcana tarot is used inThe Wizard. This mystery is the archetypal wizard, is that through their tricks and their masculine energy that surrounds us as we believe it is sometimes superficial. Creativity and courage is really what this letter is telling us in a reading of tarot cards. The Wizard reveals secret to a person who works hard and experience all its actions. Tarot card is a very positive indeed, but it is always true that there is no bad cards by themselves, but combinations of letters that give a negative result. The Wizard is a letter that conveys the wisdom that we carry within ourselves. This tarot card shows us the way forward and experiment with all kinds of situations forces to achieve such purposes.

The Wizard is a tarot card which always represent a challenge we must carry out, but naturally, as a game, finding pleasure and satisfaction in that game. No goals, but a great illusion in everything that happens. This tarot card prepares us for the game of life, to self-discovery, and we send the message to find out is to live, and to do it the more freely, the tarot helps us discover the hidden part, but fun, which each of us carry within, it invites us to take risks and challenges us to become our dreams.

The First Commandment

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In the Gospel we proclaim in our Masses today (Mark 12.28-34) is a type to talk about Jesus. It's the end of a chapter where the teacher must respond to leading questions of many groups of Israel at the time. In this context, it throws the final question: "What is the first commandment?" Jesus' answer does not refer to one of the 10 commandments or precepts of the crowd that has the Old Testament. Christ answers with a pious prayer that they prayed three times a day: "Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God is one Lord: and thy love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your spirit and with all your strength. "Full And saying that" the second is: Love your neighbor as yourself. "Against this type welcomes the response and endorses.

Then Jesus, seeing that he had responded so well, he says, "You're not far from the kingdom of God." I called a lot of attention to the response Jesus tells him not far from the Kingdom, but does not tell you that answer is already in the Kingdom. By speaking in this way is only the Scribe in the door without entering. So I wonder: what's imperfect as he has said he deserves this last repair? The drama of this man is that while your questions are high and deep, stands halfway of true religiosity. The scribe asked about the commandments and precepts, with an interesting concern, but that does not capture the essence.