French Manicure

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IT'S not ctpanno Kak, cvoim pozhdeniem French manicure obyazan not Fpantsii, zakonodatelnitse mody, a CSHA. Bylo Quaternary, And when gollivudckie aktpicy were forced pepekpashivat cvoi nogti pod kazhduyu Removable koctyumov. A bylo to ppedoctatochno: kazhdaya novaya kaptina, date every novye epizod tpeboval cvoego tualeta. K tomu aktpicy not the same ones of ppinadlezhali to pobkih ctatictok, Who boyatcya cpopit co cvoimi pabotodatelyami and pytayutcya ezhechacno change cvoy image. They are normally hoteli be kpacivymi and covepshenno paznymi in pazlichnyh ctsenah cnimayuschihcya filmov. Eta ppoblema volnovala and pezhiccepov, Who tschatelno za traces of those chtoby nogti aktpic cootvetctvovali pazlichnym cyuzhetam filmov whether to fantactika, cpednevekovy Mir, antichnoct libo covpemennoct. A to etogo aktpicam tpebovaloc date every paz vmecte co cmenoy koctyuma change color nogtey togda And in 1978 godu ocnovatel fipmy Orly Jeff Pink ppedlozhil zamechatelny vyhod of cozdavsheycya cituatsii: ppidavat nogtyam zdopovy form c pomoschyu naneceniya nA cvobodno vyctupayuschy kpay nogtya yapko belogo-laka. Vec same nogot pokpyvalcya cootvetctvuyuschey natupalnomu color bledno-pozovoy ocnovoy.

Papadokcalnym octaetcya tot fakt, chto French manicure inache fpench, do pop cih octaetcya populyapnym Compared with ppekpacnoy poloviny chelovechectva. K tomu same ego poklonnits ctanovitcya c kazhdym godom bolshe all thumbnails. A potomu all thumbnails, chto IT'S tehnika manikyupa yavlyaetcya ppaktichecki univepcalnoy. Ona not otvlekaet vnimaniya From yuvelipnyh ukpasheny nA pukah, podhodit to lyuboy Clothing, podchepkivaet ppipodnuyu kpacotu nogtey women. Plyucom French manicure yavlyaetcya to, chto odnovpemenno mozhno ckoppektipovat nedoctatki nogtey and cohpanit their appearance. French manicure c icpolzovaniem akpilovyh matepialov nocit nazvanie "pepmanentny fpench.

" Ego mozhno cdelat DURING pomoschi any matepialov, icpolzuya any tehnologiyu DURING napaschivanii. I. Cnachala nA fopmah kictyu and shapikom nuzhnoy koncictentsii vylozhit polocku white. 2. Nogtevoe lozhe zapolnit ppozpachnoy maccoy, clegka pepekpyvaya chact white. Doing nails belocnezhny konchik mozhno cdelat and c pomoschyu cpetsialnogo kapandasha. In calone unto you mogut ppedlozhit cpetsialno cozdannye fpantsuzckie tipcy. Their nakleivayut nA cvobodny kpay nogtya. They are normally not necessary for chactoy koppektsii.

Face Care At Home

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Continuing a major theme of women, both at home make a person well-groomed and beautiful and to maintain this state all the time? Last time we looked at the main mistake of home care per person – and the lack of system random cosmetic cream, instead of the mandatory daily skin care step by step. The second common mistake – the choice of means of different lines, different brands and systems. What's the hidden negative moment? The fact that the daily incremental care: cleansing, toning and hydration requires a compatible and complementary components in each vehicle that line. If you choose a cleanser cleanser from one line, and moisturizer – from another, not the fact that you get the maximum effect is expected from their use. If you look back a bit, we learn that beauty was not always systematic.

Ladies Seniors recall that were mostly cream and some lotions, such as cucumber, to cleanse the skin. During the summer, was a popular whitening cream "Metamorphosis", and later appeared "Ahromin", well, a number of other funds with questionable, and sometimes frankly harmful compounds. For the first time the system introduced on the market cosmetics brand Clinique (New York). It was the late 60s, but until now it ranks first in the world for consumption. A little later, the world-renowned for its vitamin supplement company Nutrilite (CA) has released its first cosmetics. Feature was that these funds are contained extracts of vitamins C and E of the brand Nutrilite. Then, on its production and research base to build their brands ARTISTRY, which is, and is currently producing a complete collection of facial care with the needs of each and every skin type.

Brand ARTISTRY owns more than 200 international patents and expect to receive about 90. It closes with confidence Four of the most prestigious and popular means of face in the world. When choosing a cosmetic line is necessary to consider its "Age" in the consumer market. You should not chase after novelties, not to end up as a guinea pig and do not check on my face, how the makeup, which gives a result and whether at all. It is better to give preference for an established and clinically proven brand, has promoted brand. In this case, you will not have another advantage: the high and consistent quality and well sold out product provides a good profit, which allows companies to conduct owner research constantly. We should not strive for beautiful packaging. Often the products of questionable quality, packed in a beautiful and attractive jars and boxes. This is a publicity stunt and not fall for it. Beautiful advertising is costly, but in our case it is better if these costs would be invested in quality cosmetics line. Remember, whatever the beautiful packaging, it will still be thrown away. The main requirement for packaging – high ecological material to make it less harmful to health and the environment. Another mistake, which we'll talk next time – it is a choice cosmetics without the characteristics of your skin. In order for your e-mail regularly come helpful tips and advice – click here. Ludmila Skiba and my blog How to Be Beautiful.

Dry Hair

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Dry hair If you have split ends, brittle, lacking shine your hair, then you are the owner of the dry hair. Happy, of course, is nothing but to give up on your hair is not worth it. Dry hair is difficult to fit into the desired hair, they are difficult to comb, brittle and easily broken off. The reason for dry hair dry hair cause may be genetic predisposition, a permanent skin degreasing soap or inappropriate this type of hair shampoo or the use of chemicals such as paints. Returning from a trip, you may also notice that due to repeated exposure to the sun have lost your hair shine. Use a hair dryer, curling and contribute to the drying of hair. Care for dry hair How to return the hair to the beauty and splendor? Shampoo for dry hair will be perfect for you if your scalp is dry. A related site: NY museums mentions similar findings. It gently cleanses the skin and hair, without causing irritation and dryness, as well as nutritious and has a strong moisturizing effect.

Prevents dandruff. In another case, a shampoo for dry hair will be superfluous. But the extra money – this is what you need! Balms and masks – the most effective way to improve the structure of dry hair and make them shine. Their composition is rich in moisturizing and nourishing ingredients: oils, extracts of potent plants that are easily penetrate into the hair and restore its structure. Help protect the hair also means, applied after shampooing and do not require rinsing. They further moisturize and nourish the hair and creates a protective film around it, protects hair from damage and sunlight.

During the day, and especially during combing can use moisturizing hair sprays. Another problem that deliver dry hair posechennye ends. Restore such will not be possible, it is better trimming, and to prevent use of a special liquid (oil) to the ends. Dry dry hair better off without a hair dryer or, if necessary, warm air is gentle. With dry hair is not superfluous to add to your diet of natural foods (fruits, vegetables) and vegetable oils.

Minutes Stylist Tips

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'Restraint, conciseness and expressiveness – the three main characteristics on which to base makeup of the modern business woman – confident stylist Lada Shvedova – need to choose the right cosmetics and use effective methods of implementation of makeup. " OFFICE ISSUES Fluorescent enough that adversely affect the nervous system, skin and even ruin them. Plus (or more precisely one minus) the artificial lighting spoils the impression of a make-up – makes a person more pale. Here, NY museums expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Working air conditioning in summer and heating in the winter dry skin, so before going to the office, and at midday just need additional moisture. In the morning is use moisturizer with extra protection from moisture loss and – ideally – from electromagnetic radiation. And to add moisture during the day by using the thermal water (for example, VICHY, FRAIS MONDE or LA ROCHE-POSAY). Choose a vehicle that is not hurt your makeup, and just refresh it. Foundations for the office to pick the tone is warmer and slightly darker skin color.

Suitable for dry tone moisturizer for oily skin – matting. Optimal tone-fluids. Danny Meyer may also support this cause. They are easy and quickly applied, protect the environment from harmful vozdaystviya. For correction and face modeling vospolzytes concealer, which are applied using brushes and applicator. Enough to put a few bright points on the inner corner of eye, nose, upper cheeks. Very comfortable antiserny as pencils – they have a soft texture, easily shaded help cope with dark circles under the eyes. EYEBROW enough fix the transparent gel. If it is necessary to adjust, use the shadows for the eyebrows – they look more natural than a pencil.

EYES. Best color for daytime makeup shades – beige and brown. Lash line Emphasize soft pencil gray, dark blue or brown color, apply and blend the shadow in the tone of a pencil. Mascara is best to choose a black or dark brown – depending on your 'color'. Purple, blue and Leave other options for evening makeup, or for the weekend. Lips adjust the shape of the best corporal pencil with a soft texture. Liner should match the tone of lipstick. The office version of the make-up Avoid bright, dark colors and pearl. Matte textures have liquid lipstick, which are applied with a brush. Dusting of blush and drawing leave last. Do not use in the office of a very light powder – it will give your face a shade of 'three days ago has died. " Use of micro-powders to the skin color and transparantnymi powders. Blush can replace tan powder. You can also choose to paint the soft, gentle tones. Texture is very important Powder – it should be very easy for a person does not become a mask. Blush Apply to the bone under the eyebrow, temple, cheek and chin. WHAT SHOULD BE HAPPY Beautician – thermal water or tonic (spray) – compact powder and blush – matting napkins – lipstick with a brush – skin color corrector.