Digital Data

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Today, the problem derived from the physical storage of documents, has proved detrimental to public and private institutions, and even individuals, because that in turn creates difficulty for his administration, documents are exposed to conditions of deterioration and registration/access or dispatch costs soar. Digitalization and documental management has become the most cost-effective way to preserve the physical documents, through electronic files. Thus, its storage and accessibility are optimized and considerably reduces maintenance costs, file and Messaging. There are methods to facilitate its administration, such as indexing and classification by categories. What are some of the advantages of the Doumental management? 1) Reduces operational costs (courier, printing, photocopying, storage, unwanted duplicates, physical space, etc.).

(2) It prevents problems such as traspapeleo or physical deterioration document / image. (3) The information is protected and can be managed through electronic signatures and/or controlled backups. (4) Law the time of sending and receiving files. ions on the matter. (5) Can be undertaken the digitization of any file format and in turn, be converted to another compatible format. (6) The guarantee of prolonged conservation. ((7) A large amount of data can be stored in CD drives, USB, DVD, etc. 8) by methods such as indexing, search for information requires less investment of time.

(9) Ability to use the same information for more than one user, through claes of confidentiality and/or use of internal networks. (10) Optimize the productivity of the staff. It is important to consider specialized firms to carry out this type of activity, since through them, the documentary management can be further facilitated through softwares, likewise, sometimes the same companies and specialized scanners are they are responsible for providing human resource to meet the requirements of its client, as in time, quantity and quality are concerned. In Mexico there is Digital Data, a service company management, processing and control of documents, making use of cutting-edge technology, ensures their availability and consultation, thus contributing to increase safety, productivity, profitability, transparency and order in your customer information.