Design Thing

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Flame – a symbol of passion. A romantic evening by the fireplace – the perfect time for the two lovers hearts. The touching atmosphere, tranquility and harmony. It was only a slight crackle in the fireplace wood violates this magical silence. Next to the fireplace can accommodate two comfortable chairs and small coffee table at him intoxicating drink from the juice of the grape berry mini – bar. Unique and exquisite taste of the wine adds a touch of playfulness to your intimate atmosphere.

The interior space is made up of different components: artistic ideas of your own preferences, desires, to construction and improvement of living conditions. Here we must build on that for you a vacation home? If this is a favorite meeting place with family and friends, good solution will be equipping the playing hall, where you can put a pool table and coffee tables with sets PLAYING: chess, backgammon and poker. If you constantly live outside the city, you better be there to create a peaceful atmosphere and do not overload the interior catchy and bulky items. Pictures and paintings – works of art that artists create a unique technology. Wall panels can be of various sizes cover the entire area of wall or ceiling, and then all the space will be a single story. Or decorative panels can be made small insertion in the interior and exist as a separate item. The pictures in interior gives a picturesque look of the room and emphasize its individuality, make the interior complete.

To enhance the illusion of light and space often use a mirror. They significantly add volume area. In hallway mirror is placed as close as possible to the front door, it was convenient to look around yourself, correct headpiece or hairstyle .. But in a room it can be placed on the ceiling, so that it can completely visually change the size of the room, make a narrow-wide, and low-high. If you want to simulate the space of a room with wall mirrors, then you need to know a secret: it is enough to be covered is not the mirror itself, and then that it reflects. The mirror is awesome and mysterious piece of furniture. And the ability to use, there are so many. All depends on the game of your imagination and fantasy. The merits of country image Life is full. It’s pure air, which means healthy and sound sleep, peace and tranquility can not be said about life in the city, a place where you can always stay alone with my thoughts, or vice versa, to invite a gay company of friends at a barbecue. Another important advantage is the presence of much larger area than the standard urban quarters, and consequently opportunities to plan and space Interior decoration.