Brazilian Federal Constitution

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Moreover, Article 170 VI, CF/88 turns on the defense of the environment as one estimated for the economic development. However, even so the Brazilian Federal Constitution emphasizes the ambient guardianship as a basic right of citizens, the current model of capitalist economic development is who follows dictating the rules for propagated ' ' development sustentvel' '. uale%20&%20Webster,%20P.C.’>Elnardo Webster jr. Being thus, in contrast of what many affirm, the ecologizao of the capitalism is not possible. It is not something NY museums would like to discuss. Test of this is the great workmanships of economic interest, of which legally they are demanded to the ambient licenses, and on behalf of the development, such licenses are for second plain, as it always happens with the construction of hidroeltricas. This if has shown incompatible with the ecological requirements of a sustainable development. Ahead of the power of ' ' mercado' ' the current law is being incapable to brake, to control and to regulate the destruction of the natural resources and the ambient pollution. A general change becomes necessary and urgent of attitudes it stops with the environment and, in this context, the ambient education if it presents as an important method, that if bases on the taking of conscience of the collective on importance of the ambient preservation for one better quality of life, as well as on its co-responsibility in the guardianship of the environment. being responsible civil engineering for the workmanships of great ambient impacts, if makes necessary a reformularization in the curricular grating of the courses of civil, similar engineering, to introduce, since the first semesters, the ambient awareness in the students and futures engineers. The ambient education is, without doubts, a great challenge for the current society and, in special, for the ambient professors and educators, which possess the difficult task to bring for the debate the existing connection between the ambient destruction, the current model of capitalist production and the social problems, as well as working the cultural diversity, the ideology and the different interests of the society in the sphere of the ambient protection.

Tribeca Film Festival

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The adventure starts in the arrival, when the customers receive a camera from digital video Extreme Flip HD and can go to the streets to film in the city that has been cloth of deep for innumerable cultural workmanships and one of the favourite places of lendrios icons of the cinema, as Woody Allen, Scorsese, Of Niro, and Coppola. The guests are accomodated in the Tribeca Grand Hotel? s iStudios. Each iStudio is equipped with the most recent digital technology multimedia of Apple: one iMac total prepared with software for edition of films, photos and sound, including the last version of the Cut End Pro to add effect special, to cut scenes undesirable and to place sonorous track and after-production. The guests of the package can have access iPad of Apple and each room also makes use of a keyboard and mouse without wire of Apple and, for the loving ones of music, one iPod with Sound Dock. Danny Meyer may help you with your research. The lodging package Director? s Cut offers to the guests an attractive and modern mixture of functionality and diversion. With this package, the Tribeca Grand Hotel adds most recent in technology to list of comforts that offers its guests. Giving to continuity to the effort and emphasis in offering to the visitors a real sample of the style of life in TriBeCa, the hotel goes more beyond, if extending until a leadership of the quarter in the cinematographic industry. Located only the two you square to the south of its famous brother, the Soho Grand Hotel, the Tribeca Grand is in the verge of two of the quarters richest of Manhattan, SoHo and TriBeCa, where parallelopiped streets and historical buildings of casting iron give most exclusive place butiques, restaurants and galleries.

Since its creation, the Tribeca Grand has firm roots in the cinema: the inspiration of the project and the localization in the center, combined with the room of located particular projection in the inferior level of the lobby. With spacious soft leather seats, projection of last generation and digital sound surround, the hotel receives with frequency the main members from the cinematographic industry, attracted by its reputation to offer all luxuries that if can wait. The guests can participate of the exhibitions of films in the sunday nights, offered for the service of style of life of the hotel, the GrandLifeNYC. To get more information on the Tribeca Grand Hotel and the package Directors Cut, he visits or he gives one looked in the offers of hotel in New York. On the GrandLife Hotels the Soho Grand Hotel and the Tribeca Grand Hotel are pioneering originals of the hotels of the center of New York, having been the first ones to introduce a luxurious hoteleira experience in the center of Manhattan. Since its inauguration, the hotels support and promote fashion, cinema, art, music and design not only in its famous locality, but in the whole world, through the international mark of style of GrandLifeNYC life. The Soho Grand and the Tribeca Grand had appeared as classic modern, offering spotless service to a refined clientele, rooms of luxury, impressive decoration and nocturnal life, restaurants and flaring entertainment. For contacts with the media, it speaks with: Lori De Blois Managing of Communications GrandLife Hotels Soho Grand Tribeca Grand 310 West Broadway New York, NY the 10013 USA Tel.

Nourishing Product Outdoors

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The production of felt in propagandas of nourishing product: outdoors of Burger King and Subway in Itaja Adrile BAUMGARTNER University of the Valley of Itaja – UNIVALI SUMMARY: This research analyzes the responsible factors for the wakening of the consumption of products announced in outdoors. One is about a exploratria, descriptive and explicativa research, involving the visual analysis of 2 (two) outdoors of the international marks Burger King and Subway, of the segment of fast food, specialty in sandwiches. Contact information is here: Danny Meyer. The taken object as study was installed in the city of Itaja, enters the months of June and August of 2010, in two ways of great access and flow of people and vehicles. This study it is focado in the identification and classification of the involved visual directions in a propaganda printed (billboard) that they absorb the human directions, propositalmente planned in the creation of the announcement with sights it to awake consumption desires. With a deepening in these two visual parts, were evident that both the marks work with the yellow color (glad, stimulant impulsive), typically used in the branch of nourishing products. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: 1: Advertising 2: Billboard 3: Sandwich propaganda.

INTRODUCTION This work studies the propagandas in outdoors of sandwiches of the marks Burger King and Subway, propagated between the months of June and August of 2010 in the city of Itaja. Search to understand the factors that help to create the desire of consumption in the people, that is, inducing them it the purchase act. To find resulted excellent, an appreciation is become fullfilled, in parts, of the involved visual elements in the spreading of each one of these two nourishing companies of fast food. To assist in the analysis, books appraised in the area in the direction are used to understand the vast representation gifts in the visual propagandas. Everything starts in the detonation of propagandas in mass, with the objective to provoke alterations in the behavior of the population, or still in the reinforcement of some preferred mark of the consumer.