Raising Boys

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No amount of overtime and sacrifice will make a difference when a company has to make cuts. Are you having fun? Second, determine if you are having fun at work, despite long hours. If you're not having fun and are popping antacids to prevent stress-related ulcer, then you need to rethink all the hard work you are putting in Fun should be a high priority in his life and work should be an exception. Gary In History one of our training sessions, Gary told me he wanted to expand their social circle, but had no time because I worked 7:30 to 7:00 most days. He said he had been doing this for years and was "the norm" in their profession. As I continued to ask questions about why it is a standard procedure was to work this time ridiculous, he realized that those colleagues who have succumbed to this belief, people were very unhappy. Most of them were divorced as he was and had no one to go home.

Work is used as a way to avoid loneliness. Gary was divorced because he did not pay attention to their relationships. He came home at 7:30 pm most nights and his wife did not bother to communicate with him. She was too busy caring for their two small children and meet their needs. At the time of the night his wife was giving the kids to bed. Gary read a story if it had fallen asleep.

He was losing everything that was important to him. Unfortunately, Gary is not roused himself in time and took up with being "Mr Major in the job. a l paid a high price with the divorce that followed. Bringing Up Kids In his book" Raising Boys ", Stephen Biddulph categorically states: If you regularly work five hours per week of fifty or sixty years, including travel times, just does not cut like a father. a l says: Your children will have problems in life and be yourself. The final word If you really want to make changes in your life, then take action now. If it is too difficult to do yourself, get a coach. If you have been a workaholic can take a while to break old habits and instill new behaviors. After all you have everything to gain by working less and everything to lose by keeping the way they are.