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Minimum temperature fluctuations had already”inaccuracies result, explains Stephan Fahrenkamp, Director of production planning. That’s why the new production center is fully air-conditioned and will tempered constantly to 22 degrees Celsius. Goals can be even unwelcome cold or heat bridges and susceptible to influence a constant temperature in the Hall”, Faavae says. Bartels added: five of the seven gates of the Hall are spiral gates of the new SST generation. See jim king for more details and insights. a more varied view. They have double-walled insulating plates, which are thermally separated. “With U-values of 0.8 W (m m K) they surpass even the mandatory parameters for the insulation for the entire area.” With a speed of up to 2.5 m/s, the heat loss in the opening and closing of the gates could almost be neglected. Lock solutions, reinforce this effect.

Four of the goals were structural reasons have been built in the low fall run. Our production center is under the given conditions”the most advanced in the industry, reported Bartels and emphasizes proudly every word here. Because we were completely new plan, we have experience and latest findings are incorporated into the project. The result is at its finest.” Also in terms of safety, the doors are the State of the art, what the market has to offer. The gates are equipped with door light curtains. You have a nearly full-surface infrared curtain.

A still so tiny obstacle interrupts the beams, stops the door leaf and moves immediately reduced speed to the top. Security, Efaflex has even provides triple protection. Induction loops in the ground ensure that the goals before close, if the vehicles have reached the necessary safety distance. Transparent laths in breast to eye level allow Visual inspection the drivers in addition. In the new production center of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik all work processes are done by the raw parts to packaging. Thus, unnecessary paths are saved in future from Hall to Hall. This however means that the transport in the Hall and out the goods output lock must be exposed to any delays. The doors of Efaflex allow us to trouble-free work. They ‘re”almost maintenance-free, says Bartels. The service keeps regular contact with us. It’s fun to work with so competent people. We feel in good hands. ”

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