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Technologies, advancing today, almost at the speed of light and most companies should assume all these changes with total normality, for this purpose, it is advisable to do a review on a regular basis and analyze the security levels that could affect the proper functioning of the information that can be handled within the organization. Within the respective departments: systems security, technical, computer or any other that is directly responsible for the handling of files and/or databases (DB), etc., which are stored various confidential information; It is imperative that your manager take the task usually assess the brainpower of your company, whatever the magnitude of brackets, since excellent or poor corporate reputation of that undertaking will be some percentage his responsibility, as well as the loss or leakage of data that may occur, or what is worse, any unexpected data theft that he always brings unnecessary consequences. To analyze an efficient compliance is important to go to specialists and professionals who are responsible for the treatment of data and files, such as the Auditors, consultants and advisors, however, there are some questions that can serve as a self-assessment for very basic, frequent updates and help raise awareness and valuing a later professional opinion, are: do periodically conducts audits of your infrastructure? Do you backup to ensure the operation of their systems? Do you have a copy of your information outside its usual facilities? It controls Internet and mail traffic? Do you have a system anti-virus needs? Do you manage your system logs? Experienced and safety specialists recommend studying the benefits of having an efficient control of each organization’s security systems, since the help thanks to new technologies to achieve this guarantee future planning and implementation of robust solutions.. .

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