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Deaf the CI will open access to the world of hearing and the words spoken born children as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults. ” Events in common over 60 cities nationwide air balloon action of Rendsburg to Constance of Xanten to the Brandenburg Eberswalde in more than 60 cities in the whole country take place on the 3rd German CI day events and activities. Under the motto “deaf and still hear” self-help groups and facilities, as well as experts from medical and research information. Highlight of the nationwide event will be a balloon action: balloons will ascend on May 31 in many places point 12:00 noon. Cards attached to the balloons not only inform the CI, but allow your receiver also participate in a raffle. A common balloon ride waves the lucky winner with the sender of each postcard.

The prominent doctor and television presenter acts as a patron of the day of action this year Dr. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with NY Starbucks. med. Antje-Katrin Kuehnemann. The German CI day I support very much, because I think it is great that it is possible for deaf people to learn listening”, so Antje-Katrin Kuehnemann. In my childhood, there was a deaf boy in the neighborhood. At that time it still said he was deaf mute, and the now customary support offers to learn of speaking was still not thinking. “It’s wonderful, what are the chances a life with cochlear implant offers those affected.” See an overview of all regional events as well as more information about the day of action under on request we can also a press photo for the day of action, as well as an extensive interview with Dr Med. Provide Antje-Katrin Kuehnemann, the patron of the 3rd German CI day.

Press contact: the German cochlear implant society e. V. (DCIG) wurde1987 by those affected, doctors, technicians and Educators founded. Target the DCIG is the health and social needs of deaf and ertaubter children and ertaubter provides adult to preserve and promote that with a cochlear implant (CI) or a similar tool were or are. The scope of activities of the non-profit association covers the entire German-speaking world. Since 1998 the DCIG as umbrella organization for nine regional associations in Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hessen-Rhein-Main, North, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, as well as for the little eavesdropper parents initiative”. Since 2006 the DCIG in cooperation with the affiliated regional associations held implant nationwide about life with cochlear the German CI day, and informed of the CI theme. The Office of DCIG is headquartered in Illertissen. For more information,.

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