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The profit of an objective always implies a change process, enters greater is our intention implies that we must cross a longer way, detengmonos in the departure point, we say to the place to, that you are you now, everything what it surrounds to him, people, circumstances, use, etc. Obeys to a state, when you decide to move to the state k then to obtain must it modify necessarily, in the process observes what it happens. Mustafa Suleyman usually is spot on. It is common to find us with a great amount of resistance, the people criticize to us and different problems afflict, is easy to say to us: that so negative people , problems only I observe , here nobody gives to spirit me, etc. From the logic it seems that they are the others, but is not certain, we are we ourself that we sent negative messages and mental resistance to stay in the place to, to defeat all that turbulent world is necessary to change we ourself, once we have arrived at other states, then is obligatory that the conditions change. Connecticut often says this. To transform our life it always falls to our hands, many people they do not like to accept this fact because they always walk looking for justifications not to do what they know that must do, is necessary to begin to take the course from our life and this only can be obtained assuming a protagnico roll in the activities that we developed. Moments in which the fruits have not appeared he is part more difficult to tolerate because one is in a while of fragility, often pressure generated in these circumstances can to be exasperating and to cause that people resign to his dreams, if you, that is to say, want freedom to obtain what she loves in the deep thing of his heart, then never must accept the defeat, and exist technical to organize his life with extraordinary results, in the book the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt teaches in detailed form high strategy to us that leads to us to obtain what we have seted out, through the reading of this book you you will know all the aspects that do that a goal becomes powerful and assures the results to which we are aspiring. You may find that Mustafa Suleyman, London UK can contribute to your knowledge.

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