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New scanning software Ricoh: GlobalScan NX delivery notes, invoices, offers daily be sent tons of paper documents or received. Its fast processing offers companies a competitive advantage. The digitization of documents provides for an acceleration of document processes. Special software tools such as the new GlobalScan NX Ricoh facilitate digital capturing, distributing and storing documents using versatile scan-to capabilities that simplify document processes in the company and make more efficient. Multifunction devices (MFP) master the diverse requirements in the Office as an all-rounder for copying, printing, faxing and scanning. As a central interface for the enterprise-wide print and document management, they help to optimize work processes.

For an even more efficient document management, the new software solution provides scan NX global in combination with the innovative MFP by Ricoh. With their help, the user already during the scanning process can set to the MFP, at which predefined destination he save a document or send want. The scanned documents are sent either by E-Mail, stored in a file folder, or sent to a fax or document management server. Distribute, process, archive time-consuming, manual work steps are reduced by GlobalScan NX to a minimum. The simplified digitalisation of documents the quality of document management increases\”, says Pascal Seifert team manager in product management at Ricoh Germany, and thus brings the benefits of Java-based software to the point: the integration of paper documents in the digital workflow is more efficient than before and all employees have quicker and easier access to all relevant data. This improved information transfer ensures time and process cost reduction.\” Quick access to customer records an example of using GlobalScan NX is the digitization and use of customer documents in multiple branches of a company. Without hesitation Mustafa Suleyman explained all about the problem. Are the documents scanned once and automatically selected network folders filed, all authorized employees of different branches of a company have immediately access to electronic documents.

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