Madison Square Garden

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Who has not dreamed of ever knowing the most important cultural, economic, gastronomic and touristic Center of the world? Who not has dreamed know Broadway, walk through Central Park, go to the SuperBowl in Madison Square Garden and dinner in one of the restaurants of this prolific monumental metropolis? How many have withdrawn from this dream by the economic investment that it implies? Today we present certain options to save your trip to New York, and to fulfill your dream as soon as possible. The first step is to get one of those cheap flights offered by airlines to reduce as much as possible the start of every journey. There will always be New York flights by low-cost offerings, it is only matter of search. The second step will be finding affordable accommodation that will allow us to move comfortably around the city. We recommend the choice of hostels for young people. With dorms and rooms located in the main centres of the city (in Harlem, in Chelsea, on Broadway, Greenwich Village or close to Central Park), these hostels have good services accompanied by affordable prices and very good energy to travellers. Then, eating is the key.

For any tourist or traveller, whatever the climate of your trip, it is essential to be well fed. New York boasts of being the headquarters of the most renowned restaurants of all styles around the world. Most luxurious chefs and menus spread throughout the city to satiate the appetite of vegetarians, carnivores, vegans or macrobiotic, among others. However, the food tends to be one of the more expensive goods in this city has been developed to live away from home. It is only a matter of paying attention to the thousands of options that occur before our eyes. We will emphasize the food issue, since by the rapidity of the times, it is usually to the aspect that we can lend you less attention when it comes to saving, or we can sin of poor nutrition by finding only low prices. As for breakfast, locals (which can be found everywhere) can leverage that offer the famous accompanied by a delicious cream cheese bagels, or rolls, some egg sandwiches that are ideal to start your day with the greatest possible energy.

It can be accompanied by a cup of coffee (order is not heavily loaded) and spend only $3. When it comes to lunch and dinner, you can choose to eat at a street cart, which you will find on any corner and they will serve you a plate of food to carry from 4 or 5 dollars. If you want to sit at a table, there are also economic options, you only find timetables in which Lunch Menu or menu of the day are served, and you can taste the flavours of the most recondite gastronomies in the world by no more than $10. The options are endless in a city in which all cultures and realities of a world so wide are represented as those who want to travel by him. Just have to find the option that best of adapt to your portfolio and your desire.

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