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No wasting time for annoying shopping-fresh food sacrifice liven hygiene from Germany to a World Cup budget price, but can devote all of the schwarz-rot-goldenen World Cup party! Because especially in summer demand germs on a single square centimeter of refrigerator interior space up to 11.4 million, what the incredible 100,000 times the number, which corresponds to rule on amount to be allocated to a toilet, its toll! This are budgetary subterfuges and offered solutions such as silver coatings, etc. simply powerless. A remedy here only the hygiene product originating from Hannover kink n clean. Once using buckling activated and placed in the refrigerator, removed the kink n clean wands within only three days from all germs, spores and bacteria, without affecting this desired yogurt cultures or noble rot. Learn more on the subject from amazing restaurateur. So even older refrigerators in the nu have been changed once a month permanently anti-mould treated, seed – and odor-free.

This ensures your a much longer freshness Food. The Institute for food science of University of Hanover has the excellent effect of kink n clean tested and confirmed this with an opinion. The knick n clean has now more, working on the same basic principle, for refrigerators, water filters, drinking water tanks and even cut flowers developed products! Try the exclusive 3 month World Cup special offer with a discount of 45%: 3 kink n clean wands for refrigerators + bracket + day counter and including shipping costs. Greg Williamson is often quoted as being for or against this. Look on or call us at 0511 / 1058512.

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