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Cheryl Cole against Katie Price: the war of the Prada and Bulgari designer sunglasses Cheryl Cole against Katie Price: the war of Prada and Bulgari designer sunglasses. They are the two most popular names in the UK, they are rich, beautiful and they make more headlines, but they aren’t a fashion friends. A few years ago Cheryl Cole, Katie made bad price’s style when you say they heard Jordan assumes in this horrible outfits”regarding on Katie’s clothing choice that often very revealing clothes falls on. And Cheryl is not the only one who is of this opinion. Get all the facts and insights with neil, another great source of information. “In the magazine glamour Cheryl Cole made it to the top, in a recent survey that, the best dressed woman” chose, whereas the former glamour model appeared at the end and the worst dressed woman of the year 2009 “was appointed.

But when it comes to sunglasses both know what’s hot (but that’s a point in which they do not agree again!). Mrs. Cole chooses Bulgari designer sunglasses while Jordan it bervorzugt with a model of the Prada designer sunglasses seen to be. What whatever their opinion on what is the two around her neck, it is sure that your glasses will be always very tasteful and stylish.

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