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Everyone, without exception, it is known that the most difficult part of the holiday – a trip there and back. Some occasionally does not want to go on vacation because of the need to shake all day in hot cars or do not have opportunity to stretch his legs stronger Icarus. When a person has a choice of how to go to a spa, a large majority will choose the plane. This is the fastest and most convenient way to get to the selected locations holidays. On numerous islands in fact except by air is not getting at because you will not go well on a long journey by ship, which could drag on for weeks. Yet quite often it happens that scheduled flights at the location where the person you need is rarely performed, sometimes in a time when you're on the plane are not able to trite catch. Naturally, there are aircraft leasing, but it can not afford or a very successful businessman, or the cheerful company of a dozen well as solid receiving friends. Normal hardworking, middle-income private rental on a plane just for ourselves do not even dream of.

And yet salvation is available. At present, there is the ability to get favorable to very different resort in a certain period of time suitable to you directly, and this at a cost that is two times lower than the price of the cheapest ticket normal flight. This charter flights, there are special flights that are conducted only during summer vacations and are inserted in their charter flight schedule. The peculiarity of such flights is that they are organized request of private firms, charters are assigned to the intervals between scheduled flights, while flying back and once in the opposite direction. Charter flight brings to the resort one group at a resort and takes away from there to another group. Traditionally, custom aircraft carries a tourist company, but it often happens that a flight is cleared several travel companies.

A large mass of air tickets for charter flights are sold to those who orders in these firms tours, and the remaining may buy for everyone. Numerous businesses, most often in a situation of world crisis, trying to save money, fly charter. The level of service to these flight no lower than in the standard class of ordinary regular flights. Some people are afraid to travel on charters due to the fact that this flight organized by small companies. They say that companies are willing to save and specially ordered quite old and perhaps damaged aircraft models. The reality is very simple. If you choose a tour operator as a serious company with an excellent selection of reviews, then you automatically receive a guarantee that the charter flight will be conducted on a qualitative plane. And seeking to save money, do not complain about the quality charter.

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