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Anyone who has ever worked with the media or has a blog or news column knows how dynamic, volatile and competition news world. By the time you finish reading before the end of this article, and hundreds of news collide with each another in the fight for the interest of Internet users. However, only tens to find their place in the news columns of the electronic and print media, and only very few will leave a vivid impression on people. One of the most important conditions of success for everyone who wants to be a news or article, or simply let the press release really "rang", is the creation of its bright and competent. Here are a few recommendations. Intrigue In order to get your press release attracted media attention to your company, products, services or web site, it must be attractive decorated, well-written and, moreover, stand out as something unusual. Registration There are several simple rules of design and structuring of press releases, which are shared by all professionals.

In short, informative, the content. Title is the most important part not only of good articles and advertisements Ads, and press releases. The headline should instantly make an impression on the reader, forcing him to become interested in the text. It is better to allocate more time to create a catchy title. Place and time where you the reader, from a region of Russia / the world came the information and when.

For instance: Moscow, Russia – 01/03/2009 Easily print basic rule – choose a font that, at least, would not have prevented the perception of information, and in the best case would help him. For faxes optimal Sans-serif fonts (Arial) point size 12-14. To e-mail messages, you can choose a smaller size – 10-12. Brevity – the sister of talent, remember: it's better to write less. Release should take no longer than 1 page for the fax message, and preferably not more than 10 kilobytes, if you are sending news by email. Journalists and editors – the people are very busy, but if you are able to interest, they would get you "out of the ground" to get additional information. Obviously, the rescue frankly boring message, increasing its volume, it is impossible – on the contrary, can cause irritation. Avoid Avoid using jargon in a press release word-parasites and professional jargon. This press release very soon be in the trash. Ken orms describes an additional similar source. Here you need to shine a good literary language and to abandon the words requiring additional decoding.

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