Happy 2012

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HAPPY 2012 Nazar, 22-01-2012 Smart a religious one Said that the world If would finish in 2011. It started then to vender Some houses in the sky. The faithful that were richer Would have Soon right to a mansion, the installment would be higher. The faithful that were poor Would have right To a popular house and the installment would be cheaper. 2011 passed and the world was not finished. The faithful had been to charge it its money in return and it then answered: – Vocs, really wanted That the world if finished In the year of 2011? But they continue paying the installments Because the world, with certainty will be finished in 2012 and will come a spaceship That will take in them to skies. Jesus was said who me, Then, if the world if not to finish in 2012 the liar I am not. .

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