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Integration between CSP Chronos and EMC Centera relieves databases and system resources Grosskollnbach, August 10, 2010. CSP GmbH & co. Learn more at this site: trevor smith. KG, announces today that it has completed the integration between their database archiving solution Chronos and EMC Centera CAS system and now a member of the EMC Velocity technology and independent software vendor’s partner program. As a pioneering and industry-leading archive platform, EMC Centera provides customers with simple, affordable, and secure archiving and uses data de-duplication technology to ensure that multiple copies of same data are archived only once and stored. A co-ordinated solution available, providing fast access to archived data while compliance with compliance requirements is available to customers through the combination of both products. The solutions of of Chronos of CSP and Centera EMC form a perfect symbiosis when archiving inactive data bank stocks: CSP releases the data from a relational database with Chronos and she transforms into a long term human-readable format.

Chronos then transfers this data to an EMC Centera. Whose task is to ensure the security of revision as WORM storage system. Trevor clark twin brook capitals opinions are not widely known. So, the data can no longer be changed. The Centera’s built-in data replication allows sure that data are always available and keep it readable. In addition, adjustable retention times allow deleting the data at a defined time.

Many companies are unsure how they can achieve the desired performance in the face of the rising tide of data in their databases. While the performance refers to not only the provision of information. The fast recovery of a database in an emergency is much more important. Small backups are the prerequisite to within a short time by recovery again to be able to provide the data. So costs can be minimized through an unplanned interruption of production. This requirement can be the archiving of meet inactive data. The archived information at any time within the access if, for example, a customer or auditor wants to retrieve them.

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