Ecuadorian Tradition

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The elaboration of the Ecuador Tagua Handicrafts dates back many years ago, being several people involved in this process which starts with the collection of Tagua, continuing with the elaboration of different crafts until reaching the promotion and marketing of them. Thanks to the national and international demand for this work, are increasingly people who in one way or another are involved in the process of making crafts with different materials. There are many handicrafts that may be elaborated in Tagua: decorative figures, buttons, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, etc.; being the most important factors – in addition to the quality of the tagua – the creativity and skill of our craftsmen. In cities like Montecristi, recognized both nationally and internationally by the famous straw hats toquilla or Panama Hats, you can find an endless number of this type of crafts in which it is revealed the talent of many people, who with their hands the most diverse forms this seed and who have found this activity not only a way to publicize your art, but also a way of obtaining revenue. EcuadorianHands.

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