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The distinctive features of the market, brass valves in Russia. Such valves in Russia produce about 10 plants. The most famous works – it Bologovsky Valve Plant, Mozhaysk Valve Plant, Penza reinforcement plant. In Russia, a number of standard brass pipe fittings rather small. Most manufactured valves shut off (valves) and reverse, ball valves, various modifications, filters, connecting elements and fittings of various modifications. Brass pipe fittings produced in the conventional range of diameters from 10 to 50 mm. So for larger pipes have taken place pipe fittings of iron and steel.

Assume that the output valves of 15 mm is 100%, the ratio will be as follows (for 2006): 15 mm – 100%, 20 mm – 50%, 25 mm – 25%, 32 mm – 13%, 40 mm – 6%, and the rest of 50 mm. The difference between the market structure of brass The overall structure of pipe fittings pipe fittings market of Russia has a number of important differences from the Western market, for example, the most important link in the supply chain – a wholesale organization. They collect and complement products manufacturers on the same stock. This feature indicates that consumers are cost-effective to purchase pipe fittings on one stock. This reduces the time to obtain the product and reduced costs. Wholesale organizations are organized on three levels of procurement of equipment: 1.

Nationwide. Major wholesalers, which purchase pipe fittings directly from manufacturers and produce its distribution through a network of subsidiaries and authorized dealers in the majority of federal districts. 2. Filed under: Mustafa Suleyman, London UK. By county. Those companies that have sales of valves in the region, and throughout the federal district without with subsidiaries. 3. Regional. Sales are only in their region. Regional companies are buying large, about 60-80% of the valves in the large wholesale kompaniy.Tak as they are usually geographically removed from central cities, then buy some products from the district wholesale companies.

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