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Fund approves sale of MS Cape Norman Munich, the 02.04.2012 the general meeting of shareholders of the DS return fund no. 47 decided selling Fund boat MS Cape Norman at the best possible price MS Cape Norman at the 23.02.2012. Furthermore, what this ultimately means for investors, adheres but covered the company. “With special voltage, the shareholders be watching now the remainder by the company on repayment of allegedly as loans” paid out distributions have been sued. “But also partners, which eased the pressure and the future voluntary” made have, will now ask themselves: what? According to Anja Appelt and Thorsten Krause, partner in the law firm of Cape, the two lawyers attorneys at law in Munich, was the decision to sell MS Cape Norman hit Northern Bank ultimately also to pressure the financing HSH, otherwise announced payment of the loan, the what in all likelihood the insolvency of the company are moved to would have. “Especially unpleasant for investors: a profit” on the sale of the vessel is for every individual investors once again taxed, even if the proceeds from the sale directly to the Bank.

Also at the shareholder meeting the question “was discussed according to Protocol, so ultimately the investors should take the RAP for the failure of the Fund. In particular, since obviously the guarantee for a loan of HSH has taken over North Bank Dr. Peters group and has to step in when the Fund will not be able to repay the loan to the Bank”, lawyer Thorsten Krause this manifests itself. Still, the society insists back to receive the distributions paid by investors. For the investors who were sued by the company so far, is still no good news in sight. “However, it is against the background that the DS return fund no.

47 MS Cape Norman” GmbH & container ship now a proper liquidation should be fed more Attorney for banking and capital market law Anja Appelt are wondering whether these claims actually entitled. The recovery would be given according to the legal regulations according to lawyer Appelt only in the event of an insolvency and this prevented just by the decisions. Lawyers recommend Cape therefore all affected investors, who do not want to settle with the situation of pending total loss of their investment, to let, whether claims about could stand to them against the agents of the system or the recommended bank check. Adds lawyer Thorsten Krause: “often the MS Cape Norman as a secure investment without risks had been sold participation in.

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