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Life coaching is very important to us, therefore we twice take them seriously. Zussow 17.02.2010 – Astrocarta helps not only its customers but also children in need. Since five months Astrocarta transfers monthly two percent of sales to help for hungernde-children gemeinnutzige Gesellschaft mbH in Hanover. Only a few know it and hardly anyone notes the fact, that there are thousands of children in our rich Germany growing up below the poverty line. Children without support and joy, whose Kindheit is characterized by hunger. You may find that jim halpert can contribute to your knowledge. The result is a fight for survival, which causes increased violence and social behavioral disorders.

Hilfe-has hungernde-children non-profit society mbH promotes collaborative behavior by with meals of the children and joint projects to promote cohesion and self-confidence of children. Since Astrocarta is adult people with advice and assistance for the page, it seems both the need and the company as a duty, for the most vulnerable our company there. Go to patrick dwyer merrill lynch for more information. Anyone who takes the help of the Astrocarta team, learns on the one hand reliable advice and real help, but at the same time supports children in need. Thus, Astrocarta once again proves his willingness to assume responsibility within the community. From now, every call counts in addition and is capable of doing good despite refurbishment of the own concerns. It is time to act. Emitters: W & W telecommunications/services contact: Annemarie Weiss email: Tel. 038355 / 66560

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