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The new album by Tom Foxx – your pilot there are people who seem to be different than you and me. While Otto-normal consumer”our beauty sleep and our breathing pauses need, swirl it seemingly continuously and full of zest and creativity through life. The TOM FOXx living in Ostholstein is one of this 100% living creative. As a moderator, scene DJ or live entertainers, he rocks the disco and pop stage in whole Germany and the party island of the Balearic Islands. in 2005 he took the world record in the DJ Marathon with 77 hours non-stop music. 2010 elected Sapphire under the first five most successful newcomer to hits. Free nights, he thrilled the audience with his great TOM FOXx show with a stage spectacle staged by him fantastic and during the day he successfully managed its artists agency AMS and writes his own lyrics. “” “His singles Friday night”, Jackpot”I need an Angel” shot on various hit platforms, and Internet radios in the charts and received by the Top DJs of the Disco scene the predicate absolutely suitable for the dance.

“Now the first album of TOM FOXx: he presented all in the characters of the disco-Fox he so revered on your PILOT” twelve strong songs and a 100 percent dance floor compatible, 12minutigen hit mix. The album convinced his catchy lyrics, which perfectly reflects what many of us feel every day or what we dream, and that not in baumhof, intellectual art German”, but in the tone of our daily life. Kings of the night”is a current album, which particularly affected; Melody and lyrics get under your skin and leave this famous languorous melancholy feeling that allows such songs do you like again and again. “Track is through his direct speech admittedly not necessarily radio capable”, but all the more for personal No. 9 authentic are no longer “, TOM laughs. I have written the text almost off by myself, I had an incredible fight “” “with my wife, the reconciliation was insane and I tried this intense experience in Scheissegal” play. “she loves him forever” is clearly she loves the DJ “ajar and a tribute to the artist-mate Michael Wendler valued by TOM. A song that will have a permanent place in TOM FOXx show.

“Also the title song of the album your pilot” convinced. Filed under: Harold Ford Jr. We can take with us, on a journey through the world of TOM FOXx, this album feelings and it all tastes like holiday, Sun, party, love, and trust in one’s own dance suitable for packed in the pulsating beat of the disco-Fox. And TOM knows what he his fans is guilty: in addition to these 12 titles and long version-hit-mix on this CD, there is still a second disc with the corresponding karaoke versions to the Selbersingen as an encore.

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