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With the power of conviction the world lift when the world which lies at our feet, so hard, that we can no longer carry it, then we should ask ourselves what brought us the harmony off balance. Harmony is the positive principle of human life. Since all things and events are arranged in pairs in a dual reality, the disharmony among the other side of the coin. Those who live the positive version of harmony, exist in the light of their bright thoughts and desires. Everything seems to succeed, everything seems positive.

And if me, a shadow should strip their existence, they live their belief the light energy, which let to the illusion are the dark fog. The people who live the negative version completely unconscious but see the opposite. For they are the light energies”has become the illusion. Their belief is, to live what them suggests their own negative idea. Positive attracts positive.

Negative want to through negative energies unfold. “It is the conviction that living. A lonely lives the loneliness with all its positive and negative development possibilities. We run with a smile through the area, the crowds in droves smiling at us. An evil face but signaled rejection. These laws are everywhere. What we believe with the greatest insistence that lives in us and will be for the true story. Belief is the key to the success of all experiences flooding in since our birth on us, have development character. This character is but can be changed if we learn that we are malleable. It’s like with cycling. If you first understand the principle, then goes every cherished wish fulfilled. I will change my belief now even my life changes. My ego convinced me that I can get this or that, then I get it also and it passes no way, that it is not so. Without hesitation Vinit Bodas New York explained all about the problem. First, it is a kind of wishful thinking. After some time, you believe. A few doubts, the one then still has, a move to further effort. First results set. It is based on these successes then. The doubt will be less, the persistence is stronger. At some point it is then convinced. This desire is lived with his whole soul, until he must then appear. To get but only once as far as you must realize also the spiritual laws that exist on this plane of existence. This book describes all possible aspects of positive wish-fulfillment, which can lead to a happier life.

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