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“” It implies, what sings to your TI-AMO with titles like the sea”dance with me to heaven, I want to” or you’re my star “consistently a very honest and touching romance of wanderlust continues the absolute top class! This is certainly also the passionate and high-quality implementation of this production. On the appearing on the 21.10.2011 at DA music new CD of singing cruise Director (MS Germany) Wolfgang Frank also Siegfried Rauch, Graham Bonny, Leonard and Birgit Langer as a Duet partner involved. Like no other, it goes without the known film and television composer Gunter Weber with his songs that he has written on the body of his friend Wolfgang Frank, pictures from the sea of screaming gulls, to emerge from rocking ship planks or beautiful sunsets of Sundays before our mind’s eye. Also the singing sailor has”some songs brought vocal support in the Studio. So a really creeps generating emotion comes over us when Wolfgang Frank at the Neva sings”together with a shanty choir can be heard or remembers past times with the singer Birgit Langer (ex Fernando-Express). We want to up and away”with the two veteran Graham Bonney and Wolfgang Frank at their eponymous Friendship Pact and what could be more beautiful than directly next to Siegfried Rauch and Wolfgang Frank during her visit to the famous Lili “bar to sit and listen to their stories of the sailor. Of a globe-trotting of course, abound in life.

Three of them Wolfgang Frank spoke a us from the diary of his Board with his wonderful deep tell voice, we could listen to for hours. An almost 20minutiges dream ship “-Horbuch as a bonus track! But once we leave musical tune us by Wolfgang Frank, and Leonard with the title track of this album. Their common passion unites the man of the world’s oceans and the man from the Swiss Alps: the music.

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