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Effective protection against cold, heat, views and burglars! Universal genius shutter: effective protection against cold, heat, views and burglars! Your home is a soothing and calming place of retreat, where can you relax protected especially in difficult times and gather new strength for almost everyone. The fast pace and the stress of the profession and of the day-to-day requirements for everyday remain locked out of living rooms, bedrooms and hobby rooms. This effect of the retreat in your own four walls is called cocooning: at home there’s no place. Switching off an interesting book, favorite music or a trustworthy conversation easy especially in the comfortable feel warm living area. Always a pleasant indoor climate is created in the winter as in the summer without high heating or air conditioning costs, good heat and cold protection is necessary.

Shutters by Alulux contribute significantly to improve the room climate all year round. In the summer, let only a portion of the Sun rays through, so that it can stay cool and comfortable in the apartment. In the winter, open blinds by solar radiation during the day allow a heat gain. In the closed state, support the thermal insulation of the House and reduce the heat loss through the Windows by up to 32%. Drives and an automatic control system, the comfort and the effect of the heat shield can be increased even further: at the scheduled time, open and close the shutters.

So the Sun’s rays from sleep Tickle one morning and evening, the privacy is automatically protected from prying eyes from the outside. Also in case of prolonged absence, leave automatically closing roller shutters House or apartment inhabited and deter so burglars. But a burglary attempt should be undertaken, professionally mounted roller shutters made of sturdy material resist seriously.

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