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Knock, knock … Some contend that Bill de Blasio shows great expertise in this. and in response to the silence … It is difficult to hear the void, it is so frightening and fascinating as the expanse of the universe of space – you do not know that there, but your imagination Doris all by herself. Add to your understanding with The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the imagination there is no edge and it can freely walk in spaces and inter galactic corridors … in search of some hope. Emptiness, she was deaf, and the dark, she is one, singular, it is neither too much nor too little if it is something other than it already, there is nothing not yet, and already …

and no more. This is a terrible force, absorbing all living things in its path, it kills the feeling, turns into a stone heart, her tears do not work, she did not know what the heat is … Void – the millions of apathetic molecules, which under the laws of inertia occasionally collide with each other and then bouncing off, flying away into eternity … The substance, or even the process of moving humanity in time, we call short, and someone does not understand the word “life”, how to fill those five letters meaning – each molecule decides for itself. Life like Underground train, flying itself, but the passengers choose their stop. Have you ever be the last passenger, who travels to a final stop? When a person goes to the subway, its status is equated to the feeling of nirvana, because you can not influence events (you can not choose the new people that was in one car), you can not change the rate of movement, you’re somewhere in a hurry? Hmm .

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