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The chip thickness is set to millimetre fractions using a knurled screw, horizontal adjustments can be made via a page lever. If you have read about NY museums already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The plane iron is a Triple screw connection from a Chrome wedge with quick lock held. Thus, the voltage can be adjusted. The Stanley is completed range of planing for woodworking by different, universally applicable single hand planing (for the roughing and finishing of all types of wood and surfaces, to the grinding of end grain in shock loading), Sims planing (to edit by folds and edges as well as planing narrow heels), scraping planing (for the machining of curved surfaces and retouching of round or rectangular strips), universal planing (combine block and rabbet plane iron or plaster and Guillaume), Double Guillaume, Kantentrimmer, plane irons and accessories. Combined Planer is file and in one plane to the machining of metal (such as copper, aluminium, mild steel) and wood offers Stanley combination, standard and block plane, standard file round file and the editing of plastic (such as vinyl, rubber, nylon, linoleum) hobby, block plane,-feile and scraper under the well-known brand Surform.

The Surform combined Planer for example can Handle directed to as a Planer or chosen to handle as a file for forms, rasps, planing, cutting and filing virtually all materials used. Furs editing corners and smaller areas (such as in the car) is a block plane with fully umstellbarem fine-cut sheet and 140 mm blade is predestined. Accessories for Surform plane includes spare blades for materials (including chip – and plasterboard, brow wood, fiberglass, brass, lead, aluminum, copper, soft steel, plastic and polyester plates, vinyl, nylon, linoleum, rubber, plaster, lime and ceramic). For the rough machining of wood, leather, Cork, rubber, plastic or stone, Stanley offers various files (triangular – square, round, half-round – approach -, needle -, saw) as well as for wooden-round and half-round rasps. All common: the leaves are made of carbon steel for durability and long-lasting sharpness, with a non-slip plastic handle with soft fabric inserts are equipped for less vibration and stability. Company contact: Stanley Black & Decker GmbH Mr. Thorsten Kieren Black & Decker road 40 65510 Idstein fon.

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