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From November 24, 2011 in selected German cinemas MURAT B. lost in Germany told the story of a search – the search for home, recognition, friendship and love into a socially important subject: the coexistence of different cultures in Germany. Integration remains difficult, often over generations. Life in two cultures is often the person in question. As in Murat B. who is looking. A State, and even life certain connected with big dreams in the omnipresent reality. Bijan Benjamin shows in his film multi-faceted, what it means to struggle to find a new way and must – also fail in the field of tension between hope and reality.

From 24 November, MURAT launches b – lost in Germany in the cinemas. A human jigging drama: angular and full class. A precise portrait of the entire spectrum of integration in a different culture, home longing, homelessness, but also by desires and fears, between migrant and German life world to find its own course. Murat B., son of Turkish migrant workers and long-term unemployed, dreams of a better future and a happy family life. But of far away it is broken the doctrine, no integration into working life, only odd jobs, and his marriage has also failed.

Plagued by the financial and familial disappointments and the daily struggle for its existence increasingly gnawing self doubts about him. His illusions catching up with him and he has a far-reaching decision this experimental documentary feature film uses fictional and real elements. Art figures here develop a life of their own and creating their own reality. By combining various media means the Viewer on a journey of discovery can go to his subjective truth.

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