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My trip was very important for my personal growth and discover many imperfections that still manifest in my behavior, evaluate how important family ties, knowledge is share the moments that we are allowed to be and especially in proposing to change all the weaknesses that have been preserved and generate transformations necessary to enjoy life intensely. To dismiss us temporarily can not be denied that they swept the emotions, feelings, but also feel as time I enjoy in the beautiful Italy generated happiness in every moment, especially the happiness that is derived from everyday acts, which is in the simple things, the look and smile, in the landscapes, the stage, the buson the train and certainly in our beings dear, close friends, from whom we We said goodbye, as well as that living in the daily good morning, at knowledge sharing. The important thing is that I had the opportunity to return to Italy and this time learned, enjoy many things, new scenarios, perceptions that bequeathed me many novelties, that had failed on other trips. Contact information is here: NY Museums. Italy presents a plurality of aspects ranging from art, literature, music, scenery, food, sports, history, greatness, everything depends on what one wants to enjoy there for all tastes, the important thing is to determine what you really want to know. In this opportunity family reasons made me return to this wonderful country, and not only places me are familiar as Brindisi, the South of Italy, but the centre specifically coin, Bologna, Parma, Milan, and since then, Venice, Rome and return to the charming Florence, however for the first time that I had to face the hard winter has given the countrywhich limits a little mobility, compared with their summers, where one can walk easily their historic centres, museums, Duomos, cathedrals, theatres, squares. For the first time I visited charming cities like Rimini, Pescara, currency, Verona, Genoa, among others.

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